5 Reasons Why Must Exercise Regularly During Winters

Do you know why you cannot miss your exercising regimen even for a day during winters? Because it’s the time of the year when you are not going anywhere. You are just staying inside the cocoon of your home. 

For us to be healthy it is important that we are moving our body -- if you are not going out too often you are not moving your body at all. In that case, you must dedicate a time of the day when you’ll move your body -- prime yourself with your daily indoor exercise regimen, winters are just knocking on the door. 

Not only exercise helps during winters, but it is one of the most amazing things to do every day. It keeps you spry & lively all through the day. In fact, exercise should be like eating breakfast every day.  

But, why we are emphasizing a regular exercising regimen during winters because it is when people tend to become way more lethargic. They spend a large part of their day in bed skipping all the physical activities that they would do on any other day during summers. People eat more calorie-packed food during winters resulting in weight gain. This kind of daily habit could be really thwarting your health without making any noise.

It is ok even if you do not feel like going out due to the weather -- you can continue with your workout regimen at home. There are plenty of exercise & yoga apps and youtube videos out there on the internet. Just make sure you are following a proper planned & regular exercise plan during winters 2020. We already have spent so many months sitting indoors because of the coronavirus outbreak. If you are planning to still sit around lethargically without doing anything -- you definitely are doing very bad to your overall health.

To motivate you with your daily exercise regimen during winters 2020, we have jotted down some important reasons pinpointing why it is important to exercise regularly during winters. Read to discover:

  1. Great to uplift your mood during lazy winter days.

During winters it is very common to feel stressed & experience very frequent mood swings. Most of the time you’ll feel like not doing anything -- we call this winter blues. With a little movement of your body, you can instantly feel energetic & full of life. If you are regularly exercising, you’ll have a perfectly productive day. After you are done with your daily exercise your brain releases special feel-good hormones dopamine and serotonin. This chemical when released helps your brain fight any form of anxiety and keeps you in a state of happiness throughout the day. 

  1. You Can Improve Your Overall Mood and Well-Being.

While most people prefer spending most part of their day indoors during winters -- it is a very unhealthy practice. It can cause havoc not only to your physical wellbeing but also to your mental wellbeing. So, whichever part of the day the weather is not too harsh to handle -- just go out, sink in some sun, enjoy some fresh air, it will keep you healthy, happy & in a bright mood.

  1. Betters the Immune System.

We have still not come out from the coronavirus mayhem. And, this is not going to happen anytime soon unless we have gotten the vaccine ready. So, it is important to do anything and everything we can do to strengthen our immune system. Exercising is one of those techniques to keep our immune system going. And, why we say that it is even more important during winters because we spend most part of the day in bed feeling lethargic & uncharged -- this can lead to a weak immune system. The best way you can keep your immune system going is by eating healthy food, 30 minutes of exercise every day & practicing meditation regularly. Make sure you are choosing an open area to exercise. 

  1. Fights the Stress of Lockdown & the COVID-19 period.

The world has been under lockdown for several months and those were the most depressing days for most of us. We have had almost no touch with our social circles, working from home, and it was almost like some kind of a house arrest. It is essential that we are practicing a couple of physical and mental exercises to free ourselves of that stress. And, when winters are coming there are more chances that we may be feeling a little more lazy & lethargic, but don’t let that lethargy take over the well-being of your health. Get up, exercise, be healthy & feel charges all through the day. It will also help you burn those extra calories you must have put on after lockdown. 

  1. To absorb some vitamin D.

Another big problem with winters is that we lose almost every hope to get our daily dose of vitamin D. We tend to stay indoors most of the time --- who wants to go out in the chilling weather? But, that keeps you away from the sun & your body hardly gets to fulfill the daily requirement of vitamin D. So, if you want not to become vitamin D deficient just make sure that you are going out exercising under the sun. 


In addition to all this, exercising regularly during winters and throughout the year, in general, will keep your heart healthy & every other part of the body in healthy condition. You get to experience a better sleep cycle, which usually people struggle with. With these plethoras of benefits, you experience when you exercise regularly, you really can’t ignore it. If you want to remain mentally & physically healthy this winter -- so that your body is completely ready to take on a coronavirus attack -- make sure you are exercising regularly. 

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