15 Ways to Control Weight Gain During the Holidays

Weight gain is a common concern during the holidays. Per a study, during the holiday season between mid-November to mid-January, the average American gains around five-pounds. 

As the holiday season has already started -- the holiday lights, sounds & smells are in full effect. Everyone is busy prepping up for the holiday season -- and the festive gatherings. 

This year is a little different for people around the globe, as we have spent most part of the year working from home or being confined in our homes due to the coronavirus pandemic. And, therefore, during this festive season, there is way more probability of gaining weight.

But, there is nothing to worry about -- with a little more concerted efforts, you can keep yourself in shape. Stick to your normal workout regimen and add some more vigorous exercises during the holiday season. 

We have tricks to share with you on -- how to keep in shape during the holiday season. Read the full article to know. Let’s get started:

  1. Move your Body.

The foremost thing that you can do to keep your body healthy is by regular exercise. And, it becomes quite necessary to stick strictly to your regular exercise regimen, particularly during the holidays. It is when you are concerned about those extra calories. If your regular exercise regimen lasts for 30 minutes, increase it to 45 minutes during the holidays. Other than that, if you generally exercise three times per week, increase it to five times a week -- and you also have to increase the intensity of the exercise during the holidays. 

  1. Be a part of every Physical activity.

During the holiday, sitting ideally with family & friends, enjoying curling on the couch, and watching TV -- are pretty common. This obviously increases the chances of more weight gain -- especially because of the festive delights. This form of inactivity, which is also accompanied by overeating will inevitably lead to weight gain. 

But, you can be at the safer end, by getting involved in some or more physical activities with the family & friends. This could be as simple as going for a walk and actively participating in decorating your home or workplace with family members & colleagues. Sign up for a fitness club, if you have nothing else to do.

  1. Be wise when you Drink.

In most cases, drinking frequency & quantity gets increased. For instance, if you have a habit of drinking about seven drinks weekly -- this will unknowingly turn to eleven drinks per week. While seven drinks per week is pretty much a moderate amount for women, this could add to your everyday calorie intake. 

With eleven drinks per week, you gallop four extra drinks every week of the holiday month, which becomes 16 drinks-making 1,600 calories. These extra drinks will not only add those extra calories, but it will also create disturbance in your sleep cycle. So, be very mindful when you need to avoid adding those extra drinks. 

  1. Don’t get too stressed.

Stress is one of the major reasons for weight gain. A massive percentage of obese individuals have a high level of stress hormones, cortisol. The high-cortisol levels have been linked to weight gain & overeating. In addition to that, when you are stressed, food-craving will increase unprecedentedly, which will lead to weight gain. While it is always necessary to keep a check on your stress levels -- it becomes necessary to monitor your stress level, particularly during the holidays when you are all surrounded by unhealthy food. And, there are plenty of ways -- you can reduce the stress level including exercise, meditation, deep breathing, eating well, yoga & more. 

  1. Never arrive at the Party Hungary.

Many health experts suggest that you should never go to a part very hungry or you’ll end up eating more. You can plan ahead for better-disciplined eating and to deal with the temptations. Make sure that before going to a party -- you are not too hungry or starving. Before you venture out for the party -- munch on some healthy snacks so that you don't end up eating too much. In case you arrive hungry at the party, fill yourself with water before the meal starts. 

  1. Keep a Check on your Dessert Intake.

With the holiday season beginning -- all you can see everywhere are desserts, which is almost impossible for some people to avoid. This is one of the major causes of weight gain with an excess of sugar intake. So, you can do one thing to deal with the dessert temptation -- make sure that you are eating only your favorite one and avoiding the rest of them on your platter. And, eat them slowly to keep yourself more satisfied even in a small serving. 

  1. Make sure you are not Skipping Meals.

Make sure that you are not skipping any of your meals before going to the party. For instance, if you are going to the party in the evening -- do not skip your breakfast or lunch on that day. While some people might skip their lunch or dinner, thinking that they might cut on the calories for the day. But, in reality, this will only lead to overeating during the party, which might add way more calories. 

Some other ways to cut on the Calories during the Holiday Season:

  1. Maintain a Balanced Meals

  2. Include more Fibres.

  3. Avoid Taste-test.

  4. Use Small Plates.

  5. Learn to Say NO politely.

  6. Focus more on socializing & not on Food.

  7. Learn to Divert your attention from Food.

  8. Bring your own Healthy Dishes to the party.

The bottom line:

Although it is a little tough to avoid the side-effects of the festivities (like weight gain), it is not impossible. By taking care of certain things and with certain tips & tricks, you can keep yourself healthy, happy & satisfied during the holidays. 

On top of everything, the best thing, in general, to avoid weight gain is -- regular exercise, stress management, limiting the holiday treats & involving in all forms of physical activities. If you are keeping up with these tips & tricks to avoid weight gain during the holiday season, not only will you avoid weight gain, but also lose those extra calories.


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