What is Social Health? Why is it Important & How to Improve

Do you know why human beings are called social animals? It is because they can’t survive without people — their friends, family & colleagues. We don’t often realize but social isolation is the most horrible thing for any human being. But, this whole season of social isolation that followed the pandemic outbreak had taught us — your mental health is all about how well you interact with people around you. 

It is an apt time to talk about social health when we are still struggling with the pandemic and social interaction has not become as normal as it should have been. 

What is social health? 

Human beings are dependent on each other on every single thing! Be it food, shelter, or clothes — we need other people to help with our needs. We simply can’t do everything on our own. And, social interaction is as vital to our lives as any other important thing we must pursue bettering our lives. 

For a person to be completely healthy — he has to be physically, mentally, emotionally & socially healthy. In the times we are living in, being healthy is not just about the absence of physical diseases. There are a lot more mental health issues around us today than physical health issues. And, someone who is not socially fit may suffer from a multitude of diseases including — depression, anxiety disorders & more. And, slowly these mental ailments take you towards suffering various physical diseases. 

So, it is evident we need to learn how to take care of our social health. The more you interact with people, the more you’ll be emotionally, mentally & socially healthy. And, not only that — this will also enhance your confidence level. Let’s read to find ways to improve social health:

How to improve your social health:

  1. Be a social butterfly.

So, if you have never thought about this, you must start taking care of your social health! Most introverted people find it hard interacting with people — they are afraid of people. And, in most cases, it is these people who suffer mental health issues. To be better with your mental health you need to be a social butterfly and socially dynamic. 

But when we say, social interaction & about being socially gregarious some people get mistaken. Unlike today's most popular mode of social media, real social interaction is about being physically present when you are interacting. Some of the best ways to be socially active is inviting your friends for dinner, planning trips with family, enjoying a cup of coffee with your friends. It’s about developing deep relations. 

  1. Explore & be a part of different Communities.

Don’t stick to one thing — explore & interact with people of different communities. Go to different places, know about their religious beliefs & be a part of it, explore different political parties & discuss different ideologies with different people. When you are on your odyssey to explore different communities, you are getting the opportunity to interact with different people. Again this will help your brain think better and relax, taking care of your social health. 

  1. Keep a Presentable and charming outlook.

To become socially healthy, you need to interact with people and make them like you. People would be interested in talking to you most often when you are maintaining a presentable & charming outlook. When we say presentable, we do not only mean your clothes — it includes how you talk, how much you are taking care of hygiene & cleanliness & how you are treating others when they try to reach you. 

  1. Work on your communication skills.

When you are good at your communication skills you can attract more people and make deep relationships. Your communication skills are pretty vital when you want to be a social butterfly. Maintaining good eye contact, learning the skill of listening, showing reliability — all of it can determine how well you can make relationships, and how well you can get along with people. 

  1. Learn to Appreciate

While we never forget commenting on someone’s mistake, we often forget to appreciate the team for their good things. When you appreciate people for small things they start relying on you and liking your company. This will not only be helpful to the social health of the other person but it will also help you expand your social bubble and be more socially healthy.


Your social health & mental health are interconnected — when you are socially healthy you are mentally healthy! For people who like living in isolation, it becomes hard to survive and they often turn to different forms of addiction. So, in addition to your physical & mental health, physical health is requisite to a healthy life!

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