Colorectal Cancer

cured Colorectal Cancer

Cancer is a major concern and priority in the health care world and affects many individuals all over the world. Colorectal Cancer is cancer that is in the rectum or the colon. There are many different things believed to be the cause of this type of cancer. Research has shown that alcohol increases the risk of getting colon or colorectal cancer. Many patients who have this type of cancer had diabetes prior to being diagnosed with cancer. Americans are known for their high fat and cholesterol diets, and this is believed to be a big cause of colorectal cancer.

There are many symptoms for colorectal cancer, but in the early stages a patient can show no symptoms at all. A very common and early symptom that most patients have is fatigue and shortness of breath. Patients with this type of cancer notice changes in their bowel movements. Stools will become or look red or dark coloration and some patients can become constipated. The two main tests done to aid in determining if a person has colorectal cancer is a barium enema x-ray or a colonoscopy.

Colorectal cancer has four stages and depending on the stage that the patient has been diagnosed with will determine the treatment options available. In Stage zero the doctor will usually recommend moving polyps or a colectomy. Stage 1 means the cancer has grown through several layers of the colon and results in that section being removed through surgery. Stage two the doctor would recommend a colectomy, and additionally, in certain cases, chemotherapy may also be necessary. In stages three and four chemotherapy and radiation are the initial treatments and if necessary surgery is another route taken for treatment. There is no ultimate cure for cancer, but medical research shows the one may be found soon.

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