Cured Jetlag

Jetlag is also known as desynchronosis and results from quick travel between one or several major time zones. A traveler from Europe that arrives in the USA may experience extreme difficulty with their internal time clock due to the major time difference. This internal struggle may last several days and the recovery is usually determined by the time zones crossed. Long distance travelers are often afflicted with this disorder because it disturbs the body’s normal circadian rhythms. The traveler will usually have a hard time initially to get back to the normal sleep patterns due to a large time difference.

Some of the symptoms may be of course major drowsiness, lethargic and sluggish behavior, loss of appetite or insomnia. Constipation or loose bowel movements may become an issue due to the change in time. Major fatigue and irritability can delay all the planned activities. In severe cases, some memory loss has been reported and some people with heart conditions have flair ups like palpitations and other issues. The immune system may be weakened and the person becomes more susceptible to colds and other viral type of illnesses. The persons internal clock will eventually adjust and the overall wellness of the body return. Thank God, these sypmtoms are temporary and usually subside within a few days once the body made its adjustments.

The body does keep time and the brain alerts the human body to perform certain functions at certain times of the day. The brain will trigger the need to sleep because of external stimulants such as dusk or night and the same triggers awaken us and get the body ready for the day’s work. When the traveler experiences jetlag it is because those external triggers have shifted in time and confusion sets in until the necessary internal adjustments have taken place.

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