Polyps, Colon

Polyps that form in the colon are caused by a DNA mutation in the cells of the colon wall. They can be small, big, flat or mushroom shape with a stalk. Polyps in the colon can show up in adults over forty years old, although if you haven’t had a colonoscopy by 50 years old your chances are high that you have polyps forming. Family history, overweight, inflammation in the intestines, life long smoking, excess alcohol or being sedentary can increase your chance to having polyps. The body needs to have whole foods, water, activity each day. Take a walk for 15 to 30 minutes to help move the waste out of your colon. The longer the waste sits in your colon, the more of a risk you are taking in developing polyps.

The medical community has four different test to locate polyps in your colon. The most common is the colonoscopy, a procedure that is done in the hospital in an out patient setting. A mild sedative is given through the IV so that the patient can relax through the procedure. A small video camera enters through the rectum and follow through the large intestine (colon) to the beginning of the end of the small intestine. The live video shows up a large screen that shows the magnification of the large intestine wall to the small intestine. The camera then slowly backs out still showing a live feed. The patient does not feel the removal of any polyps during the examination. All tissue that is remove is check for cancer.

There are benign and cancerous cells that form into polyps. Not checked the polyps can grow into a large mass that can cause problems later in life. If you haven’t been checked and you are over 50 make your appointment today.

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