Bay Leaves: A powerhouse for healthy life

cured Bay Leaves

We often find bay leaves as flavors in the Asian and particularly in South Indian cuisines but hardly do we know its medicinal usage which has the capabilities of trumping all other benefits. In another word, it can be described as the powerhouse of resources which can pave way for a healthy life. Bay leaves also known in some parts of the world as bay-laurel come from the family of Lauraceae. Here is a fact that is completely unknown to people. Apart from its highly medicinal usage, it was often tagged with heroism. Ancient Greek Warlords would crown their war heroes and Olympians with a wreath made of bay leaves.

Talking about its powerhouse usage, it is medically proved to have reduced blood sugar levels and prevent type 2 diabetes in people who have high-risk factors. It is also good for hair growth, reducing dandruff and treating itchy scalp. Besides these, it can also help in digestion of food as well. Here are the benefits more specifically iterated:

Helps in combating Heart disease

Most of the Americans should seriously consider bringing Bay leaves into their food habits as they suffer mostly from heart disease. These leaves have found to contain Rutin and Caffeic Acid which is found to toughen the walls of the heart while decreasing the cholesterol levels. We know how high levels of cholesterol can ease up building of plaques in the coronary artery leading to heart attacks and strokes through CHD.

Anti-Inflammation and Pain reliever

Bay leaves are also found to have anti-inflammatory components and are clinically proven to have reduced pain of any sort like Sprain, Joint pains, and even arthritis. It can be applied to the position of pain by grinding it and making a paste using castor leaves as well. Within 20 to 30 minutes, you would find relief in the infected areas.

Destroying Cancer cells

Some studies regarding cancer cells indicate that the bay leaves can be helpful in destroying the cancer cells because it is packed with Phytonutrients and catechism, the compounds which help in destroying cancer cells. One study revealed that the bay leaf extracts can help eliminate breast cancer cells.

Decrease time lapse in Wound healing

Sometimes we wander in some anti-skeptic creams in order to lay off the wounds but hardly do we know that bay leaves can be even more helpful in those times. Using a bay leaf paste to treat wounds have been age-old practice because it has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It can also be useful to treat fungal infections like candida.

Soothes Irritated throat and reduces a cough

Bay leaves can be extremely helpful in getting relief from irritated throat and can reduce a cough to an extent. It has that unique anti bacteria feature that helps in clearing the air passages and unclog it. There can be two types of usage in these conditions. Boil 300 ml of water and put some bay leaves with salt. After considerable hotness, take out the leaves and drink the water. It will help in clearing the irritating throat. Also, you can soak a cloth in the hot water having bay leaves and apply on the chest. This can be helpful in reducing cough.

Treatment of Kidney stones                                                                                                                              

One of the studies made on bay leaves has revealed that bay leaves could help in reduction of urease in the body thereby killing the chances of formation of kidney stones. Regular usage of bay leaves in the food and its intake can be helpful at those times.

Improvement in hair growth and treatment of Dandruff

Usage of bay leaves in the hair treatment goes back ages. The bay leaves have hair-friendly compounds to treat such issues. The usage is also very simple. Boil some bay leaves in the water and after its cooling, rinse your hair with this but only after having shampoo. It can also be helpful in the treatment of itchy scalp. You just have to grind it and make a paste. Mix this paste with coconut oil and apply for at least 30 minutes, wash it off to have refreshing hair.

Diabetes control

One of the studies on bay leaves revealed that the person who regularly has the bay leaves at least twice a week have lesser chances of getting diabetes. The leaves have a compound which can help process insulin at an efficient rate. It can be helpful to people having type 2 diabetes.



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