How to release anxiety from Meditation?

cured Anxiety From Meditation

Most of the adult men as well as the younger generation people do face the issue of anxiety these days. While art of relaxing has long gone awry into the schedule of work, people have become more tangled in their lives. The anxious mind can be attributed to racing thoughts or concerns which are mostly bound up about the past or the future. While a normal mind thinks up to 70000 thoughts per day, an anxious mind adds to more of the negative ones into making it more complex. This is one time when the meditation starts to work. Mindfulness meditation (MM), followed by Transcendental Meditation (TM) can be the most non-evasive ways to combat anxiety gotten up from various sources. It helps to quieten up the mind and center it in the present. The regular mediator is always able to detach himself from all the chaos and other anxieties gotten into him. A patient of anxiety often things negatively on all fronts and hence focuses on a tragic past.  While MM brings the mind to present sensations, TM relaxes the brain. Let us check out the exercises to release anxiety from Meditation –


Mindfulness Meditation

Sometimes people complain about their unsuccessful attempt at meditation and it not wielding more fruits and that happens because there might be some misconception or something wrong while completing it. Mindfulness is not all about thinking, interpreting or evaluating and rather it is all about observing the things that happen all around you in a positive way. Here is how you can do the Mindfulness Meditation.

First of all, you should choose an ideal place and quiet time to meditate where you don’t get disturbed. Start afresh with a 10 to 15 minutes of practice. You can then increase the duration as you get along pretty well with meditation. Sit in a comfortable position with your back being so straight and you can take support of a wall or a pillow to do so. Close your eyes and focus on your breath while paying utmost attention to exhalation. You can also chant a mantra and focus on it instead of your breath. The main aim here is to observe and be aware of the thoughts at the present while completing taking yourself away from all the past happenings. It is natural for the thoughts to come into the mind but you should not let your concentration get into the way. Stay with the practice for as long you feel like and gradually increase the timings as you become more acquainted to it.


How does the Mindfulness Meditation help?

People who are down with the Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) are always prone to making judgments which are based on their emotions and thus it becomes very rash. They also tend to make negative judgments about themselves. The Mindfulness Meditation based stress reduction technique reduces emotional response and modifies the domain of the brain which deals with mental skills and emotion or feelings.


Transcendental Meditation

This kind of meditation was made famous by Indian Yogi Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the one who is also called as the ‘Spiritual Advisor to the Beatles’. This practice is widely known for its ability to tame the monkey mind and to deal with the psychological issues like depression and anxiety effectively. Here is how you should do the Transcendental Meditation –

First of all, find a quiet place as well as quiet time to complete the Transcendental Meditation where you are less likely to get disturbed. Sit in a comfortable position with straight back and or take a support of pillow if need be. Close your eyes and slowly move your mind to a mantra you would love to chant. The basic idea here is to let go of all the anxiety and arrive at a point where you are neither aware of the mantra nor your thoughts. You should do this for at least 20 minutes each day for better performance and results.

Stress and anxiety are natural happenings in the body but releasing it should be the greatest priority for everyone. MM and TM are two such ways to reduce anxiety in a different way. 

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