Health Benefits of Some Non-Herbal Drinks

We resort immediately to tea if we feel fatigued or have headache or go to a snowy and cold place. This reliance on tea is because it wakes up our body and unwinds our mind with its refreshing fervor. A nice fragranced tea can surely make our body healthy and mind refreshing and has the ability to make our mornings into good ones. But what if the morning tea is not only refreshing but also laden with ingredients helpful for our body? What if they care more for our health than just a normal morning tea? Well, in that case, won’t it be more desirable to have them at all times? Check out some models of tea which are really healthy for our health.

Green Tea

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There has been so much havoc and heavy pestering for the use of green tea as the only means to lose weight and look fitter every day. It has been called green tea because the original color has not undergone much processing as other tea and is refreshing just from its looks itself. It preserves most of the naturally occurring nutrients and antioxidants present in it and its benefits are immense to go by. This tea is rich in antioxidant called Polyphenols which neutralize harmful free radicals and thus helps in maintaining good heart and natural process of ageing. Also, it stabilizes Cholesterol through some antioxidants molecules like the Catechin Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). By reducing cholesterol, it also takes care of the blood pressure and decreases the risk of heart disease. It has also been studied that the Polyphenols found in the green tea have the capability of curing cancer but the research study could only link the consumption to a lower risk of breast cancer. Apart from these benefits, it stabilizes blood sugar and controls the weight reduction mechanisms.

Black Tea

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To make black tea its unique look and flavor, the tea leaves need to be completely oxidized. But like its cousin the green tea, it is also filled with goodness and which makes it a natural thing to go black tea hunting. It improves the antioxidant storage of the body making it more helpful to decrease the cardiovascular disease like blood pressure. It lowers the LDL cholesterol level of the body through its naturally occurring antioxidant called Polyphenols. Some of the research made on animals exposed to smoking suggest that it can prevent such damages if taken in a regular basis. Another nutrient called the Fluorine has the ability to prevent teeth decay also while also supporting gastrointestinal health.

White Tea

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This tea is made from the Young leaves as well as the growth buds found on the tea plant. They are then gently steamed or heated dry to halt the oxidation process giving it the pale yellow or literally white color when brewed. It has some excellent health benefits among other tea leaves such as it is one of the biggest suppliers of antioxidant to the body and can increase its capacity too. It strengthens the heart with catechins present in it which helps in boosting the cardiovascular functions also. While adhering to these many functions, it also leads to weight loss and cancer treatments as well. Doctors in bigger hospitals tend to suggest their patients to use the white tea for proper cancer reductions.

Oolong Tea

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This particular tea has its origins set in China where it is neither completely oxidized nor not oxidized and kept in between the green tea and the white tea as far as processing is concerned. This is the reason why it is pegged as the most beneficial of all the non-herbal teas. Some of its benefits include fighting obesity by improving the lipid metabolism and hence reduce weight through natural means. It enhances digestion because of the presence of powerful polyphenols in it while lowering the risk for cancer. It helps the body in tackling the eczema because it contains some anti-allergic properties of the polyphenols.




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