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Appetite Suppressants that are Safe and Effective Dietary Supplements

Appetite suppressants also known as anorexigenic are the dietary supplement or drug which helps to reduce diet and increase the sensation of fullness. Appetite suppressants are used to treat obesity in combination with physical activity and diet cont...


Abdominal Exercise - Set Right to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Abdominal exercise is done to cut down the fat from the belly and strengthen the abdominal muscles thereby improve certain sports and back pain etc. According to the aforementioned study in 2011 alone abdominal exercise does not reduce abdominal fat,...


Drinking Water Keep Your Body Healthy and Energetic

Water plays the important role in maintaining good health of a person. Approximately in a human body approximately 60% is the water, according to journal of biological chemistry the brain and heart composed of 73% of water and lungs are about 83% of ...