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Medical Tourism: Know About The Different Types and Options

The advancement in medical technology with the globalization of capital funding has led to the enhancement of international healthcare services. Medical tourism refers to the activity in which the patients travel across the country with the purpose o...

Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism- The Growing Face of Healthcare Industry!

Medical Tourism, which is known widely by many other commonly used names such as health tourism, medical travel or global healthcare, is becoming increasingly popular trend over the years. It is basically a term used to describe the practice of trave...

Medical Tourism

5 Best Hospitals for Cancer Treatment in the World

Cancer is the deadliest of the diseases in the world and its impact grows beyond the reach of mankind. for years on, there has been continued research to find out a permanent cure for cancer but there has not been any breakthrough as so far. The best...

Medical Tourism

Astounding growth of Malaysia in Medical Tourism

Malaysia has been one of the front-runners in receiving the most number of tourist coming for medical treatment in the country. It has slowly become one of the top destinations entitled to medical tourism. This is one such phenomenon when foreign nat...

Medical Tourism

Top 5 Countries to Consider for Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism has slowly become a budding industry with the rise of countries in Europe, Asia, and South America. The trend has grown in the last few years with the advancement in technology in some countries at a cheaper cost. Hence, the outward m...

Medical Tourism

Things to Keep in Mind While Opting Medical Tourism

The Practice of visiting a different country for getting medical treatment can be termed as Medical Tourism. There has been a growing trend amongst the western population to opt out medical tourism as a way to get treatment. The cost of living is inc...

Medical Tourism