Why Cellphones Are Bad For Your Health

Addicted to the cell phone but do not want to admit it? Keep reading this post and you will learn what harm it is causing to your health. This article about the bad effects of cell phones on our lives will open your eyes and make you cut its usage to the minimum.

3 Ways Cell Phone is Harming Your Health

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It disrupts your sleep patterns

Unable to sleep at night? If yes, your cell phone might be a reason for this. There are people who are badly addicted to cell phones. They use them all the time while reading, eating, driving, and even going to the bed. The moment you try to fall asleep, a ping on your cell phone may disrupt your sleep cycle and hence, making you stay awake for hours. Isn’t it bad for your health? We all know how important a good night’s sleep is to us. This is the time when one can put his brain and body on a reboot mode and anything that disrupts it from getting a reboot is sure to be avoided as far as possible.

Tip: Try to keep your phone at least 25 ft away from your bed while sleeping. Make sure, you turn the internet and wifi off so that you do not receive any WhatsApp or Instagram notification in between. Trust us, none of them would be as important as your sleep. And if there’s something urgent, you can always get a call about the same. So, don’t worry and keep your cell phone at a distance. 

It can cause spinal misalignment

Did you ever notice what posture you are making while using your phone? We bet you might not have. We are so addicted to our phones that we hardly realize where and how long are we using the phone. You can use your phone for hours and hours without even realizing your posture. Don't’ you? This is why cell phones have become one of the causes of spinal misalignment and should be used carefully. Prolonged use of a cell phone in a bad posture can affect your spine, thumbs, and other parts of your body in a bad way.

Tip: Do not use the phone while lying down. If you want to send a text or watch a video, first sit down to a comfortable position with your back straight and then use it.

It can trigger your emotions

There was a time when only letters were the medium of long-distance communication. We could not talk to our loved ones too frequently but we were happy to see their letters of being well and prosperous. Cell phones, no doubt have almost killed the distance factor, but they have introduced some serious illness which is triggering our emotions every then and now. There was a time when we could wait for months to receive a letter from our loved ones but now we could not wait for 5 minutes to get a text back from our loved ones. The “last seen” feature on WhatsApp has actually become a cause of conflicts between couples. Those two blue ticks now decide how frequently you should reply to your significant other, else you will have to bear the pain. Aren’t we happy before? Aren’t we bound to reply frequently now? Isn’t it triggering our emotions and making us a slave of it?

Hope you have got the reason why cell phones are bad for your health. Do share your thoughts on this. We would love to hear from you. 

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