Know The Unknown Benefits Of Bananas

We all know that bananas are a great source of energy and help you keep full. It is mostly eaten by the gym freaks and avoided by many as they underrate this very beneficial fruit. Banana is a tropical fruit that was used in ancient times for many medicinal purposes. Not just for keeping your gut health but also, to keep your skin and hair healthy. 

Banana contain many important nutritions like Potassium, magnesium, manganese, cholesterol, biotin, fiber, protein, salt and sugar. Along with these it also contains many antioxidants, vital vitamins, and minerals. Bananas are a cure for many problems that we face in our daily life and turn to different remedies instead of this staple fruit available in every house.

You can use bananas in various ways for your everyday problems like:

Heal the cracks of your feet

Those cracks are not just painful but also, never lets us wear our favorite open sandals. The heels hurt a little more and those cracked heel creams take a long time to work. When you are done trying the remedies or before going for another way try our banana trick. Simply take the banana pulp and rub on your cracked heels and leave it for 10 to 15 mins. You can wash it with lukewarm water and no cleanser. This helps in nourishing your heels and is proven to heal them.

Mosquito bite blues

Urgh! Those itchy mosquito bites are hell irritating and no one wants those creepy creatures to bite them. We use so many mosquito repellents and medicines to help prevent ourselves. No! We are not asking you to rub banana on it, but, the banana peel. You need to rub that peel on the affected area to get some relief. The peel is a source of sugar and that sugar helps to heal the skin by sucking out the itchy fluid of the mosquito bite. Before rubbing the peel you need to sanitize the affected area too.

Use as a moisturizer

Since this tropical fruit is rich in potassium and fat, it helps keep your skin moisturized the entire day without even being oily. It not just moisturizes the skin but also makes it soft and flawless. In the winters, we all look out for the expensive moisturizers for our skin as we don’t want to risk anything of the local brand on our skin. Bananas are a natural moisturizer and will keep your skin at bay from the oily secretion. People with oily skin can also use it for absorbing the extra oil. 

Simply mash the ripen banana and apply all over your face avoiding the eyes and mouth. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes and wash with cold water as we don’t want to wash out the moisture. You may feel the difference from the first wash itself

Anti-aging product

Why spend heavy bucks on those anti-aging creams when you have the solution in your home? If no one has told you before bananas work as natural botox. They have amazing anti-aging properties and can fight wrinkles, spots, fine lines and everything you are scared for. The 7 effects of aging have one solution-Banana. You can use it with a couple of other make a powerful anti-aging face mask. 

All you need to do is take a banana, one small spoon of orange juice and one spoon of thick yogurt or hung curd and mix them all. Apply it all over your face and leave it until you try. Massage your face with soft hands to remove the mask. You can then wash your face with cold water and feel its effect in a month.

Menstrual Aid 

Periods can be really painful and sometimes they are enough to make us stick to our bed. We all are advised not to take any medications during this time as they can cause more pain to it. Ladies no need to worry when Bananas can be grabbed in a hurry. Bananas were a part of the traditional menstruation aid. However, to aid this you need to grab the banana flower and cook it. On consuming it you will be getting great relief from the pain and if you face a flood of blood, then also, it will cure it. It is a one-stop remedy for all your menstruation issues.

Aid the Depression

Bananas contain a very high level of tryptophan which when broken down converts into serotonin which neurotransmitters the happy signals to your brain and you eventually feel happy. During depression people feel lonely and become introverts but when a banana a day will keep such feelings away.

 Reduce the dark spots

Who doesn’t like flawless skin? But even after trying those expensive products and ‘n’ number of home remedies they don’t feel to vanish away. Banana heels even the tiny moles and those stubborn acne scars too. Our face has many issues due to the rising level of dirt and pollution. With the rising beauty standards, we feel an urge to keep our skin tight and flawless with no discoloration on our faces. But, how are we going to achieve it? Those expensive beauty treatments can’t be afforded by everyone. 

Apply the mashed banana on the affected area and leave for 20 mins. Once it feels dry wash it out with cold water and doing this twice a week will surely help you.

Long and luxurious locks

The high silica content in bananas helps provide the required protein to your hair. Collagen is produced in our body when banana is applied on our scalp and this, in turn, leaves your hair bouncy. Another issue with our ladies is that they all want to have long hair that is luxurious. Well, we told you bananas keep your hair anti-fizzy. But, did we tell you it helps to keep them longer too. The antioxidants in the banana form a defensive layer on your scalp and with the regular use of it, your hair starts growing faster. 


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