Pamper Your Nails with These Healthy Habits

It is very easy to take our nails for granted and it has forever been like this. When it comes to our nails we never appreciate them enough and never take care of them on a good level. Very few of us go for regular manicures and pedicures. Even if we go for it, that is only for a limited time period and is not very frequent. But if you don't take care of them today then they are surely going to get out of hand in the near future. When we develop issues like having them brittle or nail fungus then we realize that we need to take care of them but if we take correct steps every day then we don't have to go for the medicines or the chemical ways to take care of it. It is very easy to pamper your nails and to keep them away from the nail problems. Going for manicures and pedicures is a thing but when you take care of them on a daily basis then you are surely not going to need these therapies much. Even if you slip to go to the salon then also your nails are going to be in good health if you make sure that you treat them well on a daily basis and pamper them on the regular intervals.

Here are the few things that we expect you to do on a daily basis to help prevent nail problems and to keep them good and strong forever.

Cleaning up

Cleansing is the basic step of taking care of your body or your hair. The same goes for your nails too. It is very important that you wash your hands in the right way. Simply cleansing them is not going to keep them clean and germ-free. There are so many germs that can be collected under your nails and we need to clean them properly so that they don't stay there for a longer period of time. It is very important to Scrub these germs away every time we wash our hands. It would be a great help if we start using a nail brush to Scrub these germs away.

Stop biting your nails

It is a very common habit that people have of biting their nails whenever they are anxious or nervous. Even when they have hangnail they simply bite or rip it instead of cutting it off. Well, we need to stop doing all these unhealthy practices right now. Biting your nails can make you sick and may also give us viruses that cause cold. In this time it is very much important to stay away from cold as it may lead to many respiratory diseases which may be harmful in this Quarantine period. Hence, biting your nails can give an Express ticket to the viruses directly into your mouth and may even puncture or tear the skin which is around the nails. This leads to ingrown Nail infection and further problems.

Keeping them try

It is very important to keep your skin clean and dry to prevent it from bacterial and fungal infections. It is known to everyone that bacteria and fungi are thriving in the moist environment. Even the waterlogged nails that we have are more likely to split in comparison to the ones which are dry. Once we are out of the shower or are done washing hands in the sink then we need to immediately dry your hands and feet thoroughly. It is important to keep your hands and feet clean and dry so that we don't give even point percent chances to bacterial and fungal infections to thrive on our skin. When we are washing or cleaning the dishes then we need to do it using a pair of gloves instead of watching them with their hands. Also, wear socks and shoes which are made up of breathable material and always keep them clean and change them regularly. If you are traveling or walking in the area where it is damp and sweaty then you need to ensure that you keep your hands and feet dry. You can also use moisture-absorbing powder so that you can make yourself double sure of not getting any kind of infection.

Trim them regularly

It is very important to trim your nails instead of having long nails. The longer nails may look good and pretty when you are getting your manicure done but it is always preferred that trim nails are the healthier ones. The healthy nails are the ones that are cut short and straight. The long nails are more likely to split or Break because many bacterias live under them. Whenever one trim their toenails they should never cut them very deeply as it can lead to ingrown nails which can be really painful. If your nails are very thick and hard to cut then before trimming soak them in saltwater so that you can disinfect the entire area and then smooth it out with a foot or hand cream. The best creams are the one which contains urea or lactic acid as it works great in softening your thick and Hard Nails.

 Getting a check-up if an issue arises

If you noticed discoloration in your nails then it is very much possible that you might need to see a doctor. A dermatologist is the one who can have good knowledge about your nails. Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that can grow underneath your nails and may cause alarming signs like spots or Streaks. If you notice any of the above things then you should check with your doctor immediately because it could be a sign of Cancer. The other issues that you can face with your nails are around the skin which can sometimes become painful and may develop puss. Sometimes your nails get thick and even change its shape. It is very important to take care of your nails and treat the infected or ingrown nails. If you are having a bad circulation or immune system or are going through some other conditions like diabetes then it reflects easily on your nails. Hence, it is very much important to get your nails checked on a regular basis with your Dermatologist so that you can detect any kind of issue before it starts.


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