Why Natural Beauty Oils Are Good for Your Skin

What's the last home remedy you used? The key ingredient must be some essential oil. Are we right? It's not magic, but the natural essential oils have always been publicized as the best substitute for conditioning and moisturizing. No matter where they are used like skin or hair, but are surely going to leave a lasting impression. Natural oils penetrate deep underneath the layers of skin and have no harmful effects. The best thing is that they are readily available, and one can easily find them in drugstores. However, before buying a big pack, go for the trial ones, and do a patch test to look out for any allergies.

Here are the few natural essential oils that you must own and keep in your kitchen cabinets:


The name itself suggests that it is derived from the fruit of the marula tree. It is found majorly in South Africa, and the oil extracted from the fruit is very enriching and hydrated. It is enticed with fatty acids in an adequate amount and is majorly used by Dermatologists across the globe for soothing dry skin. Marula is easily absorbed by the skin and will not give you a greasy or Shiny appearance. Hence, one can use it on the surface for giving it natural hydration and moisturization.

Tea Tree Oil:

Have you ever noticed that most of the Dermatologist recommended products include tea tree oil as an essential ingredient? Well, tea tree alone without mixing any chemical is way better than the chemically infused products like creams and gels available over the counter. The red and inflamed breakout that happens due to bacteria getting trapped into pores can quickly be zapped out with the help of tea tree oil. This oil is not just beneficial in killing bacterias but is also helpful in soothing any kind of inflammation. 

Argan oil:

Argan oil is famously known as "liquid gold." It is rich in polyphenols, which is a very enriching antioxidant. Argan oil has a stronghold in fighting the bacterias and cells, which causes aging. The Omega 3 fatty acid present in this oil helps in boosting the collagen growth and plumps of your skin. Even if you have oily skin, you can still benefit from this. It is beneficial for every kind of skin side like normal, dry, or sensitive. Argan oil is not just helpful in amping up your skin but is also essential for conditioning your hair. Another benefit of argan oil is that it doesn't let your hair weigh down and doesn't make it greasy. You can mix argan oil in your hair products or use it along with them.


Chamomile tea is very relaxing and calming. We shall have been drinking it to soothe our throats and uplift our moods. But, it is an excellent addition to your natural oils collection. This oil has soothing and calming properties for your skin too. It has been recognized as an antiseptic oil by the dermatologists and is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. If your skin cuts down or there are any chances of infection, you can use this oil, and it will heal the area.


Coconut oil is the favorite ingredient for every Dermatologist recommended product or even the beauty products which are readily available over-the-counter. If you walk down the aisle of any drug store, one can easily say that every third or fourth beauty product has coconut oil in it. The reason behind it is that coconut oil helps in healing any kind of dry and cracked skin. Dry skin is home to many skin issues like irritation and allergic reactions. Coconut oil acts as a protective layer to your surface by moisturizing it from within and will help in soothing out any kind of skin ailments. The Rough patches will also start healing, and the common skin conditions like Eczema would always stay away.


It is not a very common Essential oil that you have heard of but is very beneficial. It is an excellent source of vitamin A. Rosehip contains a chemical known as retinoids, which not just helps in replacing your old skin cells. Still, the new ones that are created will be rich in collagen and help to protect your skin from any kind of color change or stretch marks. Rosehip seeds are a great source of Vitamin A, and dermatologists recommended it for different types of skin treatment. One can use it to vanish away the acne and also as an anti-aging treatment. A tiny dab of it at night time can help in keeping your skin young forever. You can even add this to the remedies that are used for the 'Secret Korean Beauty Regime For a Flawless Skin.'


Rosemary is a product that is used in many hair treatments. It helps in plumping up your scalp with hair. Rosemary oil makes your mane thicker and Shinier. Its continuous use for over six months can help in treating issues that cause hair loss. Rosemary soothes your scalp and helps you in getting rid of an itchy scalp. 

Castor oil:

It is usually good for your facial hair. Everyone wants a fuller eyebrow and long lashes. Castor oil helps in keeping your eyebrows and eyelashes thicker. Still, it is always advisable to consult your doctor before applying it because it is very near to your eyes, and one cannot afford to have an eye allergy.

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