What is the Best time to Go for a Run - Morning or Evening

So, we are talking about running for your body, mind & soul! 

Over the last few years, fitness has become a buzzword! At every turn of the road, a guidepost will take you to another road where there is one BIG banner displaying an advertisement for a gym. They want to drum into your mind -- how going to the particular gym can keep you in shape. 

Going to a gym may not be a bad idea, but now that we are in a world where the coronavirus pandemic is at the forefront of everything -- finding an alternative is the only solution. Running is what you can do regularly to keep yourself healthy & in shape. 

Not only when we are faced with this pandemic, but running is a great exercise anyway. In fact, you must add running regularly to your daily routine. It could be a life-changing experience. Running not only increases your blood circulation, but it does have a positive impact on your mental health & it gets something inside you going.

Why is running important? 

If you want to do something good to your body -- nothing can be better than following your running regimen strictly. From keeping you motivated for everything you want to achieve to shedding those extra calories & keeping good care of your heart - running is a fabulous way to feel & look good. 

However, almost everyone would tell you about the incredible health benefits of running, but no one will clearly specify as to which is the best time to run - morning, afternoon, evening?

The best timeframe you should go for your running session:

Early morning: (6–7 am)

Late afternoon: (3–5 pm)

Evening: (6–8 pm)

Here’s how running helps in a number of ways:

Reduces the risk of any injury.

Increases blood circulation in the body.

Better glucose & glycogen breakdown takes place.

Leads to better lubrication of joints.

Nutrients reach the muscles more easily.

Your body stamina is enhanced.

Let’s talk about how running through different parts of the day can impact your physical & mental health:

Morning Running: Pros & Cons

Pros: Running in the morning.

You lose weight: Morning running is best for those who want to shed those extra calories. Without breakfast, the body starts burning up fat for energy. In addition to that, it motivates you towards giving up on the habit of irregular & overeating. 

The blood Pressure level is Controlled: If you are going for your run regularly, your blood pressure level is controlled. For people who have high blood pressure, a morning running regimen is the best. But, to avoid any kind of injury or heart problems, you should start with a good warmup session. 

You sleep better: If you are someone who struggles to get asleep at night, running at 7 am is the most recommended time. It drops your blood pressure level up to 10% in the morning & 25 percent at night. Per a study, people who went for a run at 7 am have slept better than before.

Takes Care of your mental health: Running in the morning releases endorphins, the mood-lifting hormones. So, if you are running in the morning, you’ll feel cheerful & happy throughout the day. 

Cons: Running in the morning

May cause Injury: In the morning, your body is more vulnerable. The chances of an injury get doubled. 

You are more vulnerable to heart attacks & strokes: Your blood pressure level is high in the morning. The chances of stroke & heart attacks are more in this part of the day. But, if you still love your morning running sessions, you must start with a little warm-up to be at the safer end.

Late Afternoon or Early Evening Walk

Best time to go for a walk: 4 pm & onwards 

Per different studies, a late afternoon walk is the best for your body. In fact, late afternoon is the best time to do any kind of exercise. And, the reasons are obvious - reflex, core body temperature, breathing capacity & hormonal level are high in this part of the day. Just adjusting your run & lunch hours would do. 

Late afternoon & early evening are best for running because it is when your body is absolutely alert, has a high level of energy, the body temperature is optimum & the breathing capacity is high. And, obviously, all this helps with your running & you run better. 

Since your core body temperature is high, the blood vessels supply oxygen & other nutrients through different parts of the body. As a result alertness increases, which results in the breakdown of glucose & glycogen resulting in more energy release.

Let us look go a little deeper into the various benefits of the late afternoon & early evening walk. Let’s get started:

  1. Your running capacity is better.

Running in the afternoon is specifically perfect for all those who are practicing for any long-distance run. You have enough peak lung capacity & more fuel to sustain long runs during the late afternoon & early evening as compared to in the morning hours. And, if you are running in the afternoon, it’s going to help with building better endurance.

  1. There are no Risks 

There is almost no risk of running in the late afternoon and early evening - you already are alert & have better energy. It is just that you have got that time slot ready from your busy schedule to go for a walk. If you are going for a walk in this part of the day make sure that you are better hydrated & start with a little warm-up.

  1. There is no Risk of Injury

During the afternoon your core body temperature and energy levels are extremely high. Also, your norepinephrine and epinephrine level are at the highest level making sure that you get the most from your run. Because of the release of these hormones, your mood gets boosted & your pain sensation lowers down. 

  1. Your Blood Pressure Level reduces.

If you go for a run or do any kind of exercise then your blood pressure level is reduced. Through evening exercise your diastolic blood pressure gets lowered down. 


  • If you are planning to go for an evening walk, you should know that it may disturb your sleep cycle. 

  • It may increase your body temperature. You may help your body get ready for a good night’s sleep by taking a shower soon after the run. 

  • In the evening, the pollution level is high, there are traffic issues, and it could create vision issues. You can opt for an early evening walk to avoid all such issues. 

Evening runs: Lowers night-time blood pressure.

Late afternoon Runs: Improve form and build muscles.

Note: According to science the best time to run is early evening or late afternoon. 


While for sprints, running early in the evening is the best time, but for all those long-distance runners, late afternoon is the best time. And, if you want to treat depression, take care of your mental health & lose those extra calories easily than running in the morning is the best time. You should only choose a part of the day for your running regimen according to your body needs -- whatever may be the case.


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