Cured Blisters

Blisters are a condition of the skin, usually caused by friction. This friction causes the outer layer of skin to separate from the inner layers and the resulting pocket fills with a lymphatic fluid.The most frequent cause of the common blister is wearing new shoes without protection between the skin and the shoe, and then walking around for a prolonged period of time.

This problem can usually easily be prevented in many simple ways. The best way is to wear well fitting shoes. Keeping the feet and shoes dry are another important way. This can be accomplished by wearing dry, absorbent socks and using foot powder. Wearing well fitting shoes is another way to prevent blistering. When a person knows they will be on their feet for a prolonged period or moving in a repetitious manner, such as a marathon or other sporting event, taping the affected areas can also prevent blistering. Another type of blister is the blood blister. When damage to a blood vessel also occurs in conjunction with injury, such as pinching or impact, a bleed into the skin tissues occurs. This is what causes the blood blister to be red in color.

If a blister is small and not broken, the best thing one can do is just leave it alone. If nothing is rubbing against it, you can leave it uncovered and more than likely it will heal by itself. If the blister is very large, sometimes it’s best to break it so it can drain. Whenever touching blisters, make sure to prevent infection by washing your hands well with soap and water first. Sterilize a needle with some alcohol and gently pierce the area closest to the edge of the blister. Then apply some gentle pressure and squeeze the fluid out of the blister, clean it with soap and water. After doing that, apply some antibiotic ointment to it, and then dress it with a loose bandage.

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