Enlarged Prostate

cured Enlarged Prostate

Enlargement of the prostate gland occurs in men. The chances of this happening often increases with age. The enlargement of the prostate gland is often called Benign Prostate Hyperplasia. This condition is treatable. The symptoms of this condition are weak urination, urinary blockage, urinary leakage, blood in the urine, incomplete bladder emptying, and more. Your doctor will usually order a series of test to make a correct diagnosis of the condition. These tests include urine flow studies, rectal ultrasounds, lab tests, and more. A normal prostate gland is heart shaped.

If you think you have an enlarged prostate gland, then you should schedule an appointment with a urologist. These are specialists that treat the urinary system in men and women. Some hospitals provide urology clinics. Your primary doctor can also refer you to a urologist. You can start improving the health of the prostate gland at home by eating healthy well balanced meals. A nutritionist can help you with a diet plan that will be healthy for the prostate gland. Sometimes a prostate gland will develop cysts. These may be benign or cancerous. A man should always have an annual checkup on the prostate gland starting about age 40.

An enlarged prostate gland is a men only condition. Causes of an enlarged prostate gland are other underlying medical conditions, certain prescribed medications, hormones, and risk factors. When a prostate gland is enlarged it can obstruct the bladder and decrease urinary output. There are thousands of men in the United States alone who suffer from this condition. Certain bacterial infections may cause the prostate gland to be enlarged. Ask your doctor about having your prostate gland checked to make sure it is in normal healthy condition. The earlier you catch a medical problem it is much easier to treat. Inquire about keeping your prostate gland healthy.

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