Obesity, is the second leading cause of death in society today, with smoking being in the number one spot. Obesity is a very serious problem that can have a number of contributing factors. Obesity is caused by over eating and yet, there are a number of things that can cause you to over eat. You can easily over eat if you wait too long to eat and you are so hungry that you eat so fast that your brain can’t determine when to tell you that you are full and you eat to the point where you have a massive stomach ache.

Although sad, but true, depression can also play a major role in obesity. When some people are depressed, and do not know how to cope with the things that they are going through, they typically turn to comfort foods with the idea that this makes them feel better.

Sadly up bringing, can also contribute to struggles with obesity. There have been a lot of studies and reports done in the last ten years or so, that statistics will show that if the parents in the household are obese, chances are that the children will follow in their footsteps, because that is what they have learned while growing up. As the child gets older however, they will hopefully be able to see on their own how this is not a healthy lifestyle and be able to find the help that they need to make the necessary changes in their life to take control of the problem.

Obesity can cause a number of other health related issues from back, , hip, knee and ankle issues to problems with your heart and even lungs. When carrying around the extra weight, your body has to work overtime to try and keep up.

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