Top 10 Happiest Heavens in the World

cured Top 10 Happiest Heavens


Living in a developing world and tired of everyday traffic jams and pollution. If you are planning to move in a happier nations or wants to spend a memorable holiday with your dear ones. Well, we have brought the list of 10 happiest heavens in the world. It is blissful to visit these places of the world.

United Nations every year comes with a list of happiest countries in the world on the basis of life quality and life expectancy etc basis around the world. What makes a nation happiest in the world. Definitely the freedom, good governance, social belonging, basic quality of life and ofcourse social respect tops the list.

Living in a happiest world brings many things together. Here, we have brought the list of top 4 reasons to live in a happiest countries around the world.


1. Social Community (Belonging):

The most important factor which affects your life to be happy is your social community or belonging where you live. Imagine a world without any fear or social disrespect. It is obviously going to be a pleasant experience to live in a peaceful society. Money can't buy everything you need to be a happy person. You just can't buy a safer and cleaner environment where you wish to live. It is needed to be cherished by a society as a whole.

2. Healthy and Energetic lifestyle:

Definitely a healthy and energetic lifestyle is the key to a happy balanced life. Gymying and daily workout definitely leads to a healthy lifestyle but making a healthy lifestyle your nature and not a habit is awesome. Even if it is a habit it is good but being a nature is awesome. While we complain for big traffic jams, bicycling is a popular mode of transportation in Denmark. So love to leave your car at home and walk or bicycle for smaller distances while you visit to your local market or office. Next when you meets with your friend or colleague, engage in lunch or a movie for a walk around a local park.

3. Good Governance:

Good Governance may sound a little buzzy but believe me you just can't be happy because you have plenty of resources and money. But a good governance is the ultimate need for a society to be healthy and happy as a whole. Not just social harmony and protection of human right is the role of good governance. But imagine a situation you have much money but if you deny to social rights then your money worth nothing than just to satisfy your daily needs. Although money is not everything but it needs for everything. You just can't deny the fact that happiness and money go hand in hand. Your money can only grow when your government made good policies to invest and grow your money. So a good governance is needed to keep a healthy balance between your happiness and money.

4. Caring and Sharing:

Believe me the more you love the more you care and definitely the more you become a happier person. The sense of common good and connectedness is central to the values of the happiest countries. Enjoy a neighbourhood festival, help your neighbor, or give financial support to a cause you believe in. You’ll feel good knowing you are part of a community. You are sharing and caring. Trust me if the same is followed by your friends, colleague or persons of your belonging, then you will have a awesome life. Definitely the more you love the more care, the more you happy.

Here are the top 10 happiest heavens in the world, as ranked by the 2016 World Happiness Report by UNO:








New Zealand



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