Natural Ways to Keep the Kidney Healthy

cured Kidney Healthy

Kidney serves as one of the most important organs of our body. They work hard and can easily be termed as the silent heroes of our bodies. They filter and remove waste products from around 120-150 quarts of blood. But this does not only limit their functionality. They also make red blood cells, control blood pressure, keep bones healthy and regulate the levels of electrolyte in your blood which are critical features. This is one reason which should motivate you to keep your kidney healthy and free of any disease. For that you should drink sufficient water, skip processed foods, stop smoking and limit your sodium consumption to less than 2300 mg per day. You should also avoid a high protein diet and not drink excessively as well. Maintaining a good blood sugar level as well as body weight and cholesterol level are important factors to ponder over good health for Kidney. Some of the ideas for maintaining a good kidney are as follows:

Always Stay Hydrated

The best idea is to always stay hydrated for maintaining good health of the Kidney. Water dilutes the concentration of waste material in the urine. It helps the Kidneys to continue the filtration process work well. On an average, adult women need around 2.1 liters of water everyday while men require around 2.6 liters of water to keep the kidney functioning well. But the need of water may rise with change in weather condition such as hot and humid weather, warm climatic conditions or some foods which require more water in digestion or vigorous exercise. You can check the amount of dehydration your body is having by the color of your urine. If it is dark, you should consider drinking cooler water. If it’s completely colorless, your body is fully hydrated.

Managing Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Blood Sugar

There should be ample work on maintaining the blood pressure, level of cholesterol leading to increase in the blood sugar levels. You should not let high blood pressure creep your body or else it becomes dangerous not only for the Kidneys but also for the heart. Since the body shows no extra sign for increase in Blood Pressure, you must make a habit of checking it regularly through test kits available at medical stores. Your kidney safeguards you and controls blood pressure. If it goes through the walls, this can become venomous for you as well.

Low Intake of Sodium high foods

Sodium or salt is a compulsion in our foods we can’t help ourselves without it. Some surveys and estimates show that our consumption of sodium exceeds the recommended level by up to 50%. If this is the case, then your kidney is getting damaged day in and day out plus you have high chances of getting high blood pressure too. It can also hamper the blood flow to the kidneys and can potentially damage them as well. You must also know that High Blood Pressure is the second highest cause of Kidney damage. You should try to bring the sodium level down to less than 2300 mg of sodium or about 1 teaspoon of salt in a day. You should also consider reducing the sodium intake from the processed food such as soups, tomato sauce, canned foods and condiments.

Keep the Protein consumption to a level

People and specially youth have a rage of taking protein in abundance even if they are bad for the health of everyone specially for the Kidney. When the metabolism of Protein occurs, a byproduct known as Ammonia is formed which is dangerous in high amount is converted to urea and excreted as urine by the Kidneys. If you increase the consumption of protein, the levels of ammonia increases which make the Kidneys weaker. Try to maintain the quota of Protein required for a healthy Kidney by takin 0.75g of protein per kg of your body weight if you are female and 0.85g if you are male.

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