Know How to Beat Stress and Enjoy Life More

So, it’s that time of the year- Spring! This is the time to set new goals, resolve to eat less, do more, start exercising, stop smoking and many other things that will help us in improving our lives in the coming year. We often forget that the outside things doesn’t matter. What matters is the inner happiness and health. Sure, achieving all those big goals and earning more money is an amazing experience, research reveals that once the goals are met, people simply and naturally move onto the next. In order to create everlasting benefits to our lives, we need to attract more opportunities and relationships, both personally as well as professionally. And for this to happen, it is needed that we work from the inside out. Here are some of the ways which when followed everyday keeps the monster of stress away.

Laugh Hard

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The theory “laughter is the best medicine” is quite true. Life in itself is too tragic and chaotic to absorb without living those soft moments of laughter and giggles. While one is engrossed in laughter, feeling the crippling burden of negative emotions becomes impossible. It provides the mind and body a much needed reset. It is not only uplifting and energizing, but oddly calming at the same time. So get to laughing as much as you can.


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This is one of the most stress relieving activity that one can perform best early morning and in evening time. Meditation calms down the mind and rejuvenates it. You can search some of the easy steps on the web quite easily.

Do what you love

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The most refreshing and best time-pass thing you can always do is doing what you love the most. Each one of us do have something or the other that we love doing in free time or when we feel tired. It could be singing, painting, dancing, gardening, etc. Anything which gives you peace and happiness to your mind and soul is what you should devote your time to.  

Get comfortable with the discomfort

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While most of us consider anxiety as something which needs to be avoided, it can actually fuel positive change when you know how to use it. Know that anxiety is a natural emotion that lives in the gap between where we are and where we want to be. We really need to reframe how we look at anxiety. It is not something to run away from, but something which can be used as productive energy.

Eat Well

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Linking anxiety to what we eat might sound strange, however the foods we consume have a big impact on our mental health. Research have revealed a correlation between eating unhealthy and having high levels of stress and anxiety. If you feel stressed and anxious, keep yourself away from things such as gluten, sugar, soft drink, dairy, coffee, candy and processed junk foods. Rather, add more wholesome and grounding foods such as coconut oil, root vegetables, green leafy vegetables, grass-fed and grass-finished meats. These foods are going to help nourish your body.

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