Some Yoga Health Magazines You Must Refer as Beginners

Yoga has become a household name. what was once confided in the outskirts of Asian mountainous regions has now become a worldwide phenomenon. Suddenly everyone wants to be yoga practitioner and that is an excellent news. Yoga has some great potential to heal the body in the least of the worries. For beginners, there can be two ways of learning the yoga: either join up some institutions specializing in that or turn over to some Yoga Health Magazines. Magazines can be an excellent source of information for the beginners. But there are hundreds of new productions of magazines every year, how will you find the one which will be the best? Check out our list of best Yoga Health Magazines which will guide you to the best of the practice sessions.

Light on Yoga By B.K.S Iyengar

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This is one of the best Yoga Health Magazines that one can refer to if they are fresher or beginner in the game of Yoga. It can be the one constant companion you have been looking for the entire life. B.K.S Iyengar is the primary founder of the Western Yoga. The book demonstrates nearly every yoga pose, breaks down the steps involved in those Yoga Asanas. Here you can learn the Step-by-step directions, outlines the health benefits of each yoga step and the interprets the terminologies. It’s the comprehensive guide which the beginners require to get themselves on Yoga. The photos themselves are a treasure: there’s such an honesty to the way his body and the poses interact, that you’ll learn simply by looking. You need this book, now and ten years from now!

Yoga: The Poetry of The Body by Rodney Yee with Nina Zolotow

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This magazine is the perfect stepping stone required by you as a beginner. The book is a great help to those who seek step by step interpretation of the yoga asanas and their conduct. The book has been written by nuances covering the Yoga in a poetic fashion and hence the name. It is a practical guide to the required poses and the conversational interpretation of the asanas in the easiest of the ways possible. This was a must to have on our list of Best Yoga Magazines.

Moving Toward Balance: 8 Weeks of Yoga by Rodney Yee With Nina Zolotow

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Another book of yoga coming from the same writer features on our list of Yoga Health Magazines. This book was written two years after the Poetry of the Body. it is a different and complete contrast to the former as it gives finer details of the construction of the poses. The basic poses which one should start with have been explained with finer details and extreme delicacy. There are hundreds of photos which give the graphic illustration of the yoga poses. The extra benefit which this book gives is the finer daily wise to do list for the beginners which is an excellent initiative.

Ashtanga Yoga ‘The Practice Manual’ By David Swenson

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‘Ashtanga’ in the Sanskrit means all the eight limbs which touch the skin is laid on the front part of the body. so, if you want to learn the full Ashtanga Vinyasa Method, this is a must-read book for the beginners learning Yoga. These Yoga Health Magazines provides information about the basic postures, their utilities, and breakdown of the step to step understanding.


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