How to Retain Your Fitness despite Working for Long Hours

People who work long hours often skip meals, eat unhealthy junk food, have irregular eating hours and find it difficult to establish a regular exercise routine. Shift workers are at risk for heart diseases and weight gain and the only solution to retain fitness is to find ways to eat healthy and exercise. Here we have collected some fitness tips for people working for long hours.

Ensure sufficient Sleep

The first step to stay active and fit during a long shift is to get sufficient sleep prior to resuming work. Many bad things happen when you don’t sleep properly. You might overeat, feel unhappy and find your energy levels slowly depleting.

Eat healthy diet

Whatever your working schedule, diet is still the most important factor for staying healthy and contributes 70-80% to the success of any fitness plan. So, you don’t have to worry when you miss a few workout sessions as long as you stick to a healthy meal plan.

Have home cooked meal

If you’re working night shifts, the only place to grab a meal would be a fast food center. If you’re sleepy, you’re more likely to reach for unhealthy junk food. Stock your workstation or fridge with easily consumed raw vegetables such as carrots and green apple slices, raisins, raw almonds, hummus, avocados and bananas. You can get carbs from whole grains, wild rice, brown rice and other slow-burning food that help to retain your fitness and keep you productive for long periods.

Avoid bad liquid calories

A long shift entails a few things such as exhaustion, lack of time to cook, hunger when you forget to pack a meal. You might turn to caffeine for an energy boost when you feel drained, but most of these empty liquid calories such as energy drinks, soda and lattes contain over 50 gram of sugar and hundreds of calories. Sugar is bad for your body as it causes you to add weight and destroys your fitness. Drink a low-calorie energy drink like coconut or almond milk, protein shake, green tea and black coffee.

Create a fitness schedule

Create a diet schedule that works for you. Do not skip meals, as your body needs the energy to perform at optimum levels. For night shifts, skip heavy meals, eat breakfast when you get home and lunch after a good rest. A routine helps your body metabolize food more quickly help to increase your fitness.

Exercise regularly and take deep breath

Some jobs require you to sit for long periods in front of a computer without moving, so try standing every hour for a few minutes and walk up and down a flight of stairs. If you work long shifts, it’s hard to maintain your fitness, get enough sleep or find time to exercise regularly. Always aim for seven hours of sleep to keep you alert during periods of inactivity. Ensure that you follow these workout tips, plan your meals, cook your meals ahead of time and try to exercise for at least 3 hours every week.

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