Foods That Purify Blood And Keep You Healthy

cured  Purify Blood And Keep You Healthy

A detox of your body wouldn’t be complete without purifying your blood. You don’t need a fancy, expensive diet to purify your blood. Since the kidney and the liver cleanse the blood and rid it of toxins, all you need to do is ensure that they’re in good working order. And while you’re at it, maintaining the right balance of sugar, lipids, and minerals in your blood as well as keeping your hemoglobin and iron levels in check would help too. So how do you go about purifying your blood naturally? Here’s a ready reckoner of foods that work like a detox for your blood.


The simplest but one of the most effective detoxifiers is plain old water. Since urine is the means through which kidneys flush out toxins from the blood, having sufficient water is your best bet to keep the blood clean. As with a deep cleanse of your home, a proper purification regimen for your blood will require you to incorporate plenty of water into your diet. Staying hydrated can help your kidneys flush out the impurities in the body, aided by the fiber and minerals from all the other blood-purifying foods.

Fresh Fruits

The pectin fiber in the skin of fruits like apples, guavas, plums, and pears is useful for detoxifying the blood. Besides binding with the excess fats in your blood as well as liver, pectin binds with heavy metals and other harmful chemicals or waste in your bloodstream and is then removed. In addition to this, lycopene found in red fruits and glutathione (both antioxidants) are useful for eliminating waste and chemicals

Green Vegetables

Not everyone’s a fan of green leafy vegetables. But they can be very good for your blood, considering their abundant nutrient content – vitamins A and C, as well as B vitamins, folate, and iron. The antioxidants in these vegetables help remove harmful free radicals that damage blood cells

Whole Grains

Whole grains are rich in fiber, which is a must-have in your diet if you’d like to rid your system of excess fat, chemicals, and waste. The high fiber content in foods like oats, whole grains, and wheat bran lowers blood cholesterol and glucose levels, cleanses your intestinal tract, eases constipation, and helps your body eliminate waste better


Nuts make for a good snack option, especially when you’re trying to eliminate toxins from your blood. They are high in fiber which, as stated earlier, lowers the levels of cholesterol and sugar in the blood. They are also high in vitamin E (an antioxidant) and beneficial monounsaturated fats. Studies state this composition makes nuts beneficial for the liver.


Warm water with lemon juice is recommended in both ayurveda and naturopathy as a good start-of-day drink to cleanse the blood. As per ayurveda, this helps release the “ama” or toxins in your digestive tract, cleansing your system


A popular ingredient from India, this golden-brown unrefined sugar is also known to be a good blood purifier. Its fiber content helps it cleanse the digestive system, prevent constipation, and expel waste from the body. Because of the high iron content, it can help sort out an iron deficiency and restore hemoglobin levels.30 If you’ve just had a baby, jaggery can help expel clotted blood from the body, acting as a natural cleanse/flush for your blood


Turmeric on its own is a wonderful natural healer that can fight inflammation. It can help treat liver trouble and even keep it functioning optimally. And this is important because the liver and kidneys are the two primary centers for cleansing the blood of impurities and purging them from the body. When this golden spice is combined with milk, its purification powers go up a notch


Garlic is antibacterial spice and can cleanse your system of viruses and parasites that could harm it. This pungent food removes excess fat from the blood. In the bargain, it lowers the levels of bad LDL cholesterol and total serum cholesterol in your body. The antioxidants in garlic not only detoxify your body as a whole but can also fight mild-to-moderate lead poisoning. Garlic can reduce metal levels by as much as 19% and ease toxicity symptoms like headaches.

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