5 Best Exercises to Cure Neck Muscle Pain Quickly

You might feel a sprain around your neck region on some mornings and the pain seems endless. You cannot even bring the head to one side following that pain. This pain is generally termed as Neck Muscle Tension. There are varying reasons as to why this pain can occur in various parts of the body given its conditions. It can also happen if you spent a long time sitting stationary in front of the computer screens also. The basic reason being the stationary position of the neck for a longer time duration. Well, this is not incurable. There are the lot of exercises and drugs which can be incorporated to get relief from the Neck Muscle Pain quickly. Check out some of the exercises to cure neck muscle pain here in the article.

Cure Neck Muscle Pain – Shoulder Shrug Exercise

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This is a special exercise if you want to cure neck muscle pain quickly and easily. To complete this exercise, you would require lifting the top of your shoulder as close to your ears as you can get. Do this till you feel the tension in your shoulders and back. Now stop doing that and hold on this pose for at least 5 seconds. Now drop the shoulders back down and repeat the process several times under the guidance of a trainer. Using this exercise when you first notice neck muscle tension developing can help prevent it from worsening.

Chin Turn Exercise

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Another important exercise to get everything done quickly is the Chin Turn exercise. To complete this exercise, one would require sitting upright and look forward. Now turn your chin towards the right shoulder until you feel the left side of the neck stretching. Hold on to this position for at least 10 seconds and now move the chin back to the center. Do the same thing for the left shoulder as well. For better results, you would require doing this for at least 5 times on both the sides and get relief from neck muscle tension.

Head Tilt exercise

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Another important aspect of getting relief from neck pain is the Head Tilt exercise. In this exercise, you would be required to look straight ahead with the neck being straight. Now, slowly tilt the head to the left side and hold it in that position for at least 10 seconds. Now bring the head to the original position and try doing for the other side as well. This exercise is important as it relieves neck muscle pain on both sides of the neck. Repeat this exercise several times to get the benefit and also try tilting the head forward and backward to stretch out your neck region.

Back Stretch Exercise

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To complete this super important exercise, you would require bending the knees and placing the palm on the lower back region. Now use the palms to push the back forwards. Hold on to this position for 10 seconds and repeat it several times. This stretch exercise will help the muscles in the back and neck relieve themselves, thereby also relieving the pain induced in the region.

Elbow Pull Exercise

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Raise your right arm up straight up, and then bend it. Use your left hand to hold your right elbow and gently pull it towards your head. Hold the position for 10 - 15 seconds, and then repeat for the other side. This exercise, although it doesn't seem to affect the neck directly, it can relieve tension on the upper back muscles and indirectly provide relief for the entire area.


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