Know the Reasons Behind Being Tired All the Time

Do you frequently feel tired?  According to a sleep specialist at Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare in Saint Paul, Minnesota, John Garcia, MD, chronic tiredness can actually increase your chances of developing hypertension and diabetes.  Here are a few of the most common reasons why you may be so tired. Our body can feel tired due to various reasons. It might be due to extra workout, or extra running in the park or during extra work in the backyard too. Or the other case could be the lesser consumption of some important minerals and nutrients. The body can also feel tired if it is denied the required amount of sleep it needs. Hence, due to these multiple reasons, the body can feel tired or overstimulated also.

Caffeine Too Close to Bedtime

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Coffee and other caffeinated drinks can temporarily recharge you because it blocks the chemicals that bring on sleep and increases adrenaline production.  However, it also will remain in your body for up to half a day and can, therefore, cause insomnia.  Garcia says that since there is no proof that any quantity of caffeine is actually “good for you”, you should cut it out of your diet.  If you are addicted to coffee, drink decaf (which still contains some caffeine) or just don’t drink anything caffeinated after 12 noon.  

Sleep Apnoea

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Sleep apnoea is a disorder.  It causes people to temporarily stop breathing while they sleep.  It can disrupt a person’s deep sleep which results in feeling tired the following day. It generally occurs when someone’s airway becomes blocked during sleep.  It’s often called OSA or obstructive sleep apnoea and often results in loud snoring.  If you find you have an issue with snoring, consult your friendly, neighborhood physician.  You may be prescribed with a CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure machine to keep your airway from ever becoming blocked again.   

Using Your Bedroom as Your Office or Kitchen Table

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If you frequently use your bed as a place to eat or to work that could cause you to somehow associate it with those things which could cause sleeplessness.  Garcia recommends a treatment known as "sleep restriction."  He explains that with sleep restriction you simply eliminate those specific actions, and then “re-associate” your bed with the act of sleeping.  He reports that is actually one of the best “treatments for insomnia."  He concludes that the one other acceptable use for your bed should be sex.

Any Overstimulation

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Watching an exciting TV show or movie, reading an engaging book or something interesting online just prior to your bedtime can actually prevent you from sleeping by overstimulating your brain.  In fact, just the bright light which is given off by a computer, tablet or TV can have a negative impact on your sleep.  The easy solution here is to turn off all your electronic equipment prior to your bedtime to be certain that you can get your sleep.  Your brain generally needs a moment to wind down a bit.

Regularly Sleeping In On The Weekend

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A lot of people think that sleeping for half the day after a week of short-changing yourself is the perfect cure.  In truth, when you sleep in you risk throwing off your personal sleep-wake cycle.  This can result in your being up until the early morning hours on both Saturday and Sunday night.  This will make you tried again on Monday morning.  The easy cure here is actually to go to bed and get up at the same time seven days a week.  



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