How To Relax Your Feet With Hot-Stone Pedicure?

Taking care of your body should include giving attention to your feet, an often neglected part of the body. Otherwise, your beauty and wellness routine will remain incomplete. Pampering your feet with a pedicure not only keeps them looking good, it also relieves stressed and tight muscles, promoting an overall sense of beauty and wellness. A hot-stone pedicure uses heat therapy and, in some cases, massage and aromatherapy to soothe sore leg and feet muscles. Here we have shared some facts about hot-stone pedicure.

Why a Hot-Stone Pedicure

A hot-stone pedicure is a specialized pedicure that uses heated rocks to encourage relaxation in your legs and feet. If your feet undergo wear and tear in daily life, a hot-stone treatment may be just what you need to complement your pedicure. Your toes come out looking clean and pretty, and your legs and feet feel less tense. Indulging in a hot-stone pedicure encourages you to unwind and relax. Hot-stone pedicures can reduce fatigue and increase energy levels, as well as help you relax and soothe your nerves. The heat from the stones can relieve muscle tension and encourages circulation in your lower extremities. The temperature of the stones is gentle, usually no more than 4 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than your body temperature. The heat from the rocks enhances your skin's ability to absorb oils during the massage and aromatherapy portion of your pedicure.

How to use the Hot Stones

In hot-stone pedicure Basalt rocks are very common to use. During a hot-stone pedicure, the technician places heated, smooth, flat stones on top of and underneath your feet. The heat from the rocks relaxes your muscles and stimulates pressure points in your feet. The technician may place heated rocks in a bowl for your feet to rest on. However, more often, she'll tuck small stones between your toes and place larger ones on the tops of your feet, along the sides of your lower calves and in some cases under the arches of your feet. The specific placement changes from provider to provider.

The Pedicure Process

With the help of a warming tray or a crock pot, warm the basalt stones. Care has to be taken that the heat of the stones should be at least 125 degrees. Add Epsom salt to a bucket of warm water and soak your feet for about 10 minutes or more if necessary. This will surely relieve the stress in the muscles. After that, exfoliate your legs and remove the dead skin. Concentrate more on the rough areas like the heels and sides. Once you are done, wash your legs properly. Now, in order to moisturize and soften your feet, dip your feet in a tray containing paraffin wax.  After about 10 minutes scrape the wax off your feet. Once the stones are warm enough, dry them with the help of a towel. Now, in between each and every toe, place a stone and wrap up the leg with a towel. On each hand, place a stone for about 7 minutes or more. After about 10 minutes, unwrap the towels and take out the stones. Keeping one stone aside, put the rest of the stones in the same water. Now, rub essential oils on to the calves and feet and massage thoroughly. After that, rub the stone on the feet, calves and arches. Do this for a while. This will definitely relieve the stress from your muscles. Once you are done, trim the toenails and shape them with the help of a filer. Apply a nice moisturizing lotion and massage the legs. This will be very relaxing. To give the final touch, apply a nice nail polish to your toes. And, for a much lasting and glossier look apply a top coat polish.

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