Healthy Eating Habits To Live By During Pregnancy

Do you want to have a healthy pregnancy diet — and not sure from where to start? So here are just some points to help you in nourishing not only yourself but also your baby:

Every Bite Matters


Each moment of your gestation period is an opportunity to feed your baby well before he or she is even born. So just go for it and try to take every bite of whatever you eat with your little baby inside you in your mind.

Different Food Different Calories


While selecting food just try to give the preference to quality rather than quantity. It may seem obvious to you that the doughnuts and whole grain raisin bran muffin are having 2000 and 200 calories respectively, but during the pregnancy, the time baby will get much more from the whole grain raisin than doughnut no matter how much calories doughnut has. Choose wisely what you eat.

Baby Gets Food From You


During the pregnancy time, an expected mother needs to eat at a regular interval of time as the fetus demands nourishment at a regular interval of time and can only be done when expected mothers eat at regular interval of time. It doesn’t matter the expected mother is hungry or not, but the baby is hungry.  Therefore do not skip any meal and try eating on a frequent note.

Preference to Complex Carbohydrates


If you are pregnant and having a thought to minus the foods having rich carbohydrates from the diet just because to avoid the weight gain during pregnancy, then just don’t do that. The Unrefined carbohydrates found in whole-grain bread, brown rice, cereals, vegetables, peas, beans and fresh fruits are a rich source of essential vitamin B, protein, fiber and trace minerals. These are good for the expecting mother as well as the baby by checking nausea and constipation. Since they are rich in fiber, they will also keep a check on the weight gain too. Taking plenty of fiber-rich food will help in reducing the risk of gestational diabetes.

Avoid the Sweets


Calories taken from the sugar are nothing, just the empty calories as they have zero nutritional value. It’s just okay to take sugar once in a while, but replacing them with a meal or taking it on a regular basis during pregnancy is a not a good idea. As they take up most of the space in the stomach, leaving less for the substances having nutritional value. Heavy consumption of sugar may lead to diabetes, obesity, tooth decay or heart disease. If sugar is needed, then go for items that are rich in nutritional sugar like dried fruits, fruits or the fruit juice. They are not only sweet but are also rich in trace minerals, vitamins and the valuable phytochemicals that will help the body of mother and baby defend against many diseases.

Don’t Go For Processed Food


More the food is processed, less the nutritional value it will have. Pregnant mothers should try eating more and more of only fresh fruits and vegetables as well as seasonal too. Processed foods should be avoided by the expecting mothers as they are full of preservatives, chemicals, which are harmful not only to the mother but the baby too. When pregnant just keep the following points in mind and have a healthy and nutritious diet not only for yourself but for your baby too. Don’t forget only a healthy mother can give birth to a healthy baby. 

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