Can Black Spots On Your Scrotum Be A Sign of HIV

Black Spots are one of the common types of skin problems that can be seen in any part of your skin be it your face, hands, or the genitals. Yes, you heard it right. Your genitals do have a skin which is not different than the normal one. Hence, there are chances to see them get affected by acne, black spots, and other skin related issues. Talking specifically about the male reproductive organ - the penis, black spots have been seen dominating this part of the skin as well. Men have noticed some irregular black spots of varied shape, size, and shade on their penis. While some have simply ignored them, others have misunderstood as the sign of HIV. So, if you are a man who is worried about the black spots on his penis, keep reading and learn what are the potential causes of scrotum black spots and can they be harmful?

The Cause

While there are many things that are said about the occurrence of black spots on the penis, but the actual cause is still unknown. You may get it because of the Penile Melanosis which is nothing but a condition of getting a brown to black colored flat patch on the shaft of the penis. Usually, it’s painless and might disappear if left untreated. But, there are chances that it takes a shape of penile tumor depending upon the way it changes it look over the time. So, best would be to get it checked by your doctor. Do not wait for the signs to come up and warn you about some deadly disease. If you think the spots are changing color and shape too frequently, visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Red Signs You Shouldn't Ignore

If you have already had them, you might have noticed that they are showing up in clusters. You may have as low as 6 spots and it may extend to 100 spots on your scrotum at a given time. They may become irritated or painful if scratched continuously, else they are more likely to stay as it is without causing any pain to your genitals. You are not feeling any pain does not mean that you will not experience any in the future. You might see other symptoms and signs with the passage of time and hence, you should always be attentive to look for the red signs given below:

1. Sudden sharp pain in your hands and feet after exercise

2. Unable to sweat

3. Experiencing tinnitus

4. Eye cloudiness

5. Bowel symptoms

How to Diagnose

To get this diagnosed you will have to visit your doctor and get yourself physically examined. He will put you under several tests including the Imaging test, blood test, urine test, biopsy and so on. On the basis of the reports, your doctor will be able to tell you if the black spots are causing you any harm or not.

So, these were a few things that you must know about the Scrotum black spots. They may look normal but they may become severe as you grow. To avoid this, be careful and attentive towards the red signs and get yourself checked if you find so. Hope you find this useful. 

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