Some Wowmazing Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract and How to Use it

Olives leaves are food for our health but we cannot use it in its raw form. But we can always have its extract - either in the powder form or a liquid form - and derive immense benefits out of the same. Want to know what health benefits olive leaf extract does for our body? Keep reading this post and learn the amazing health benefits of olive leaf extract along with its usage.

Protects your body from potential bacterial and Fungal Infections

The antimicrobial properties of the olive leaves contribute to the production of white blood cells in your body. As you know that white blood cells help your body fight against viral, fungal and bacterial infections and foodborne pathogens, the regular intake of olive leaves ensure the number of white blood cells remains intact.

Cures bloating and constipation

If you are suffering from severe bloating and constipation, try having prescribed doses of olive leaf extract and you will see your digestive system working better.

Regulates blood sugar levels

The best thing you can get out of an olive leaf extract is its ability to increase the production and release of insulin. This means, if you are diabetic and looking for a natural supplement for regulating your blood sugar levels, olive leaf extract can be a great idea.

Minimizes the appearance of wrinkles

If you are worried about the increasing number of wrinkles and fine lines on your face, drop worries and try a natural way to treat them. Use olive leaf extract, which is known as a detoxifying agent - to fight all the fine lines, wrinkles, and skin related issues. The anti-aging properties of olive leaves extract help your skin stay fresh and stress-free for a long time.

Relieves pain

The ability to restrain the release of cytokines and other inflammatory enzymes that cause pain and discomfort in the joints makes olive leaf extract as a great supplement for joint injuries and arthritis. A prescribed dose of olive leaf extract, if taken regularly, can help you get rid of all sorts of joint pain, effectively and efficiently.

How to Use the Olive Leaf Extract

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You can use it in two forms - either by crushing it into a powder or using it in the liquid form. Olive leaf extract, when used in the powder form, can become a great supplement for green tea topping, salad topping, face packs and a lot more. Another form in which you can use the olive leaf extract is - the liquid form. You can get a syrup of the same from your nearest medical store. Not only this, you can also get some olive leaf extract tablets that are easiest to take.

A word of caution

Though there are no side effects of taking olive leaf extract in your diet still we would recommend you to see your doctor before coming to any conclusion. Let him decide what quantity would be good for your body and take it accordingly.


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