Some Amazing Foods to Eat before Running

Running is highly important considering it helps the entire body in maintaining the posture. While eating right helps you maintain a good health, a right posture can only be attained through running and workouts. But, while going out for a run, it is highly important that you get proper nutrition in form of food products to help you run better. These food products are highly called as supplements but they are regular food materials too. You must always feel the healthiest before starting a run-up and following it with good nutritious foods too. The right kinds of carbs, bananas and other supplements arouse the temperament in you for running good distances. Water and isotonic drinks keep the electrolytes in balance and are, sometimes, all you need before you run. Steer clear of too much spice, fat, and fiber as these could ruin your run! So, check out some foods to eat before running which make the body wanting –

Some food to eat before running

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As per some of the experts at the National Health Service, getting something to eat before starting a run has its ulterior benefits. But the snack must contain carbohydrates, some protein and a little fat in it to warm the body before a run-up. However, the experts suggest that anything you eat at that time must be light and easy to digest. For shorter runs, it is advised to take a little snack and not a wholesome one. Some of them include - Fruit like bananas and a few nuts, Wholegrain bread with nut butter,  wholegrain cereal with skim milk, Yoghurt, Hummus, and Raisins etc.

If you are running for under an hour, you may not require to have snacks or worry about carbs. But if you are diabetic, you must consult with your doctor to get and set the right size and portion about your intake on a daily basis.

Food to eat Before Running a Marathon

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Different kinds of running require different kinds of meal set up. If you intend to run a marathon, you cannot have food for a shorter run. The body requirement doubles up during the run and hence a different set of food products is required for those running marathon or long run. Here, you require to consume more calories and bigger bites of carb-heavy meals and that too an hour earlier. You must also have a proper meal 3-4 hours before the run as the body tries to digest the food instead of using its energy to power the run. Here, you should also avoid saturated fats and large portions of protein too. Some food products to eat before a long run or marathon are - Porridge of oatmeal with fruits and nuts, Grilled fish and avocado wrap, Salmon or tuna salad with vegetables, Quinoa and chickpeas in a wholewheat wrap,  Wholewheat pasta in a tomato-based sauce with vegetables and cheese, tuna, or lean meat, Baked beans on wholegrain toast, Baked potato with cottage cheese and a side salad, Tuna on whole wheat bread roll, with a portion of fruit on the side, Brown rice and lean meat or chicken with vegetables.

If you are the professional runner, you must also consult the health department of the training and the coach to eat while going for a run.


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