The Dangers of Getting An Eye Tattoo

Nowadays, one of the latest trends is getting the eyes tattooed, officially it is known as  ‘Scleral Tattooing’.  The sclera is essentially the white part of the eye, which makes the up more than 80% of the surface area of the eye.  


  • Sclera helps in maintaining the shape of the eyeball


  • Sclera helps in providing a firm attachment for the extraocular muscles that help in controlling the movement of the eyes
  • Sclera helps in protecting the eye from the serious damage, such as a laceration i.e., a deep cut or the rupture.

An artist, in this case, injects a tiny amount of ink under the conjunctiva (the clear membrane covering the front of the eye) and over the sclera (the whites of the eye). The cringe-y procedure was developed about 10 years ago by body-mod expert Luna Cobra and the late Shannon Larratt, who founded BME, the first extensive body modification e-zine. Cobra told that he performed it “a few different ways” on Larratt and two other subjects. “One method worked best, so I spent the next two years refining it,” says Cobra, who has gone on to safely tattoo hundreds of eyeballs.

Scleral tattooing is a process of tattooing where the white part of the eye is inked.  Scleral tattooing is a process where it creates different contrasts with the natural color of the iris of the person that in turn produces the variety of effects.  There are a lot of artists who have led this unique form of artwork, and at the same time, it remains too controversial because of the irreversible and striking nature. The trend of Scleral tattooing is considered as the growing up vogue in the world of intense body modification.

Is Eye or Scleral Tattoo A Worth?


One of the Canadian models got her eye tattoo done and her decision to tint her sclera soon turned into the ‘massive mistake’, as the purple liquid began to ooze out of her eyeball after the procedure of eye tattoo.  After rushing to the hospital and was prescribed the eye drops that made the things worse for her eyeballs, she is now left partially blind.

Some of the short-term risks and effects scleral tattooing may have:


  • Injecting too much ink can lead to sensitivity to light, prolonged headaches and staining of surrounding tissue


  • The risks for people with the eye conditions or who wear the contact lenses are notably larger
  • The worst side effect is either total or the partial sight loss

Fox emphasizes that at the same time as scleral tattooing is on the rise, it also remains as an experimental procedure, which is developed on a trial and error basis.  If one is having the desire to go under the needle for the scleral tattoo, then it is very important to consult an ophthalmologist in order to detect any eye conditions, that one may have and choose somebody with a good experience and knowledge to do it. 

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