Top 5 Ways to Fight Stress - The Live Love Laugh Formula

Do you know what causes those millions of diseases? Do you know what is the real cause of the physical sufferings we hear of every single day? Wait! It’s not anything alien that is the cause of these deadly diseases.

Every single thought that you feed to your mind, is reflected in your physical body. From the way you spend the few important hours in the morning to how you design your entire day and even your thoughts will directly or indirectly affect your physical body.

We have jotted down some points that will explain to you some simple ways to fight stress and remain hail and healthy. Read below to find…

1. Be an Early Bird - Wake up Early

Most people don’t really understand the importance of being an early bird. Those few hours in the morning are magical! And, you will come to know the magic only if you will try that out. We don’t really pay heed to it, but there’s a bit of science that explains how waking up early is the best form of mental exercise. Be an early bird and Keep away from unwanted diseases.

2. Read - Feed your Mind with Motivational Stuff

Reading has the potential to exponentially increase the level of energy. It is the most fascinating form of exercise that keeps you motivated. Every morning, the first thing you should do -  is read some motivational stuff and it will cleanse you inside out. No matter what business you are in, you must inculcate the habit of reading.

3.Meditate - Keep Yourself Focused

Most learned people will guide you to meditate if you want to destress yourself. One of the reasons that make you feel stressed is - 'not being able to keep yourself focused'. And, Meditation is the best cure for this unwelcomed disease, called stress. It’s the most effective form of exercising your mind and guiding it in the right direction.

4. Live - Say No to Negative Emotions

We are here to live and not to compete! It is our negative emotions that is one of the darkest causes of stress. This beautiful life, we have, has been given to us to live it fully. Negative emotions like jealousy, bad competition, backbiting, fooling, laziness make our life miserable. And, it finally results in upsetting us mentally and gradually causing our physical body to suffer.

5.Laugh More - The Laughter Therapy

Laughing is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise! It allows your brain cells to get energized making you feel happy. Happiness is the key to all the success in your life, be it the triumph over your health or success at work front. So, laugh more to avoid stress and keep yourself happy.

So, these are some of the best ways to fight stress! Believe it, inculcating these habits in your daily life can result in magical results. There isn’t any side effect to these remedies, unlike medications that we take to fight these deadly diseases.


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