5 Vegetarian Food for Hair Growth - Add to your Daily Diet!

If you are eating well then you don’t really need to see a doctor for healthy hair growth! Each of the strands of hair is made with a special type of cells and these cells contain Keratin protein. The best effort that you can put in is eating the right kind of food.

We all dream of long, strong and beautiful hair! But, not everyone is lucky enough to make that dream true. The foremost important thing for proper hair growth is eating the right kind of food, apart from keeping your scalp healthy.

The quality of hair clearly indicates your inner health! Keratin protein from which each of the hair strands is made is a tough one and needs to be nourished. And, particularly for all those vegetarian who miss on many nutrients.

We have jotted down some vegetarian food that will help in proper hair growth. Here is the list you can refer if you too are suffering from any of the hair related issues. Read below…

1.Spinach and Other Leafy Greens - For Iron

Best Vegetarian food for hair: Spinach

One of the essential minerals needed for the proper growth of your hair is Iron. You are suffering from hair loss, it may be because of the deficiency of Iron. You know why hair strands get weak? It’s when your body is deficient of oxygen, Iron and other nutrients and they are not getting transported well to the follicles and roots of the hair.

2. Citrus Fruits - Vitamin C

Vegetarian Food for hair growth: Oranges

And, your body will need to Vitamin C to absorb the right amount of Iron. For that, you will need to add citrus food to your diet. According to the professional dieticians, one orange per day is enough for adding this part to your diet for hair growth. Every day drink a glass of lime water with honey and that will enough. Oranges are also great options!

3. Nuts and Seeds - Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Best Vegetarian food for hair: Almonds

Omega-3 fatty acids help in the nourishment of hair and its thickness! These healthy fats cannot be derived from your body and therefore, you have to provide that to your body through your diet. Some of the best additions in your diet are Almonds, flaxseed, and walnuts. You cannot add them to your mid-day meal.

4. Avocado - Vitamin E

Best Vegetarian food for Hair: Avocado

Vitamin E is helpful in improving blood circulation in the body! They are also helpful in making the follicles work well. Apart from that, Vitamin E also helps in maintaining the PH level and oil balance in the body. One of the most important sources of Vitamin E is Avocado. Adding it to your breakfast salad is a great idea!

5. Carrots - Vitamin A

Best Vegetarian food for hair: Carrots

If you want good hair growth, you should add a glass of carrot juice every day! Vitamin is important for growing well every cell of the body. Vitamin A helps in the production of sebum oil in the scalp. Taking the right amount of vitamin A will help in making the roots of the scalp healthy.  

So, these are five vegetarian food apt for the growth of air! If like many other, you also dream of long and thick hair then add these nutrients to your daily diet.


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