Miracle Potion Apple Cider Vinegar And Its Benefits

Since medieval times Apple cider vinegar has been looked upon as a magical potion and scientists have been working on the possible cures by it. Over the years many benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar have been discovered and implied in real life. Most of the testing has been done in the enclosed test tubes and the rats. In the rats and tubes, the Apple cider has proven to be very effective in shrinking the tumor and killing the cancer cells. However, it is yet to be discovered how effective it could be in doing the same. 

What is Apple Cider Vinegar? 

It belongs to the vinegar family which means sour wine. Juicy and the healthy apples are selected and then fermented in the hygienic conditions. Once, they turn into alcohol, acetic acid is added to it and the final product you consume is known as the Apple cider vinegar. It is available over the counter easily and in every household. You can use it in multiple ways and for various purposes.


The usual dosage that people consume is 1-2 teaspoon or 1-2 tablespoon. Initially, you must consume it only once a day and later on you can increase it to twice a day. However, it is advisable to limit the quantity as the overdosage can harm the enamel of teeth and instead of being a boon for your health it might start affecting you in the wrong way.

It is always suggested to ask your doctor first before you start consuming it, as it might disturb your immunity if taken along with other medications. 

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

There are many tried and tested benefits of this vinegar. It not just keeps your body healthy but also your skin and hair too. The most amazing benefit is that it reduces your insulin levels and helps in maintaining the sugar levels in your body. The majority of the population is suffering from Type 2 diabetes and if taken in a moderate amount with the prescribed medicines you can maintain the body sugar levels very well. It has been proved in a study if you consume two tablespoons of apple cider after a heavy meal it will still reduce the sugar level up to 10-14%.

Many more benefits have been observed in the enclosed lab and on the rats but the ones in the open environment and on the human beings that have been successful are:

Weight Loss:

Apple Cider Vinegar contains 3 calories per spoon and this makes it a very good choice for salad dressing and even for consuming empty stomach every day. You can have it with warm water or some food dressing. Never consume it directly as the acid in it can harm your teeth’s enamel. Having it 30 mins before every meal can help in lowering your calories and will keep you fuller for a longer period of time. 

Clear skin

Who doesn’t love clear skin? Get rid of that acne and its marks with this magical vinegar. You can mix a teaspoon of vinegar with a tablespoon of water and then apply it to the affected area. You can use this regime before going to bed and can use it for a week to see the results. However, before applying it to the skin you must do a patch test as our skin is very sensitive and it may even cause skin irritation and if it is extra sensitive it may even give you a burning sensation.

Healthy scalp

Everyone loves a healthy scalp with no dandruff. Mix the equal quantity of water and vinegar in a spray bottle and apply it all over your scalp. The acid in it will help keep your scalp bacteria free and with its regular usage, the hair too will get shiny and luxurious. You can kill many bad bacterias and it even clears your scalp and keeps it moisture free.

Soothe your skin

Rubbing cotton dipped in the vinegar on your skin can soothe the strings and the irritation caused due to mosquito bites. However, avoid rubbing a large amount as it may further damage your skin. This will help keep your skin blemish-free too. 

Keeps bacterias at bay

Acetic acid is popularly known to kill the harmful bacterias and will further prevent them from spreading. It is used as a salad dressing so that lettuce and other veggies don’t catch bacteria also it works as a disinfectant so that the salad becomes healthy. You can even use it as a preservative to keep your food healthy and long-lasting. 

Keeps heart problems away

Apple cider vinegar keeps your weight and blood sugar levels in check. With its regular usage it also keeps your cholesterol level low and this, in turn, will help your heart stay healthy. It lowers the risk of heart disease. It also helps in maintaining the blood flow and smooths out any clot in the body.

Soothes the sore throat

Doing gargles with water and an equal amount of cider vinegar will cure the sore throat. Consumption of Cider vinegar keeps a check on your health and will ensure that you get relief from the symptoms of the sore throat. It helps in killing the bad bacterias that prevails during the sore throat and this, in turn, will keep your throat healthy. 

Fight body odor

Everyone has some or other body odor issues. The most common being the underarms and the foot odor. These two areas are the most affected one as the moisture stays for longer and the sweat-producing glands are more here. When the moisture in these areas doesn’t get time to dry out and to clean itself, it starts producing a bad smell. You can either induce Apple cider vinegar in your bath or can rub some under your armpits to keep the odor at bay. Also, dip your foot in a mix of some aromatic oil and cider vinegar. This will help in relaxing your foot and keep the odor at bay. 


The sunburn has 3 levels and the first level can be treated by the Apple Cider vinegar too. First of all, it will keep your body temperature at the check and the minor burns can be cured with its application. The best way to keep yourself healthy during summers is to carry a mix of aloe vera and cider vinegar in a spray bottle. This way you can keep yourself on the go. 

Gargle for a healthy mouth

You can gargle with the apple cider vinegar for a healthy mouth with white teeth and fresh breath. It works as Listerine over your bad breath. Gargling your mouth with Apple cider vinegar will kill the bad bacterias in your mouth and this helps in the removal of bad breath and also cleans your teeth leaving them shiny and white.

Energy booster

Adding a few teaspoons in your regular juice will help you keep your spirits high. Apple cider vinegar curbs away the fatigue and will boost the healthy enzymes and provide energy to you. You can try adding it in your pre-workout drink and feel the energy while you sweat it out.


Apple cider vinegar has many more proven benefits. You can find it in many of the beauty and hair products. It is now a very big hit in the healthcare and beauty industry. This simple yet every effective drink is famously known for the weight and fat reduction benefits. However, it can never substitute diet and workout benefits. It is a supplement but not the main medicine. You can try using it with different medicines but only on the prescription of your doctor or gynecologist. It works as a natural medicine for many health benefits but most of them have not been tested on human beings and more focused on the benefits provided to the rats or in the test tubes. 

It may be the best cure for many diseases but its overuse can have an adverse effect too. Apple cider vinegar is a kind of acid and hence, its wrong usage can leave your skin bruised too. The best way to avoid such incidents is to use it less and only for the limited purpose. The most popular benefits of it like weight loss has not been proved on a large scale. The latest study showed people losing 2 or 3 pounds over the course of 3 months which is very less. 

However, the skin and hair benefits it has can’t be overlooked and you can enjoy trying mixing it with various products for better results. For example a mix of aloe vera and apple cider vinegar can be used for skin masks and for the hair masks too. Aloe vera also is a medicinal plant with 101 benefits. Apple cider vinegar on other hands is being tested to kill the cancer cells and to treat tumors. It has shown successful results on the rats but the humans are yet to be tested for the same.


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