Get Set Ready For The Summers And The Sunburn

It's time to bid adieu to the chilly winters and welcome the scorching heat and summers. All your summer clothing and essentials are making their way back to your wardrobe. Most of us have already started working on our summer bodies and the shopping would have started. As the experts suggest this is that time of the year when you all need to stay hydrated. With summers approaching faster it is bringing back the major summer issue- Sunburn. There is no escape from it, but as they say, prevention is better than cure. There are a few things that you might consider to follow to keep away the sunburn blues. But, first let us discuss the types of sunburn.

Types of Sunburn

  1. Superficial burn

  2. Partial-thickness burn

  3. Deep partial-thickness burn

  4. Full-thickness burn

The first degree or the superficial skin burn

It is a very common and least dangerous burn. Your skin can heal within a week and the most common symptoms of it are redness and dryness. You can heal them with cold compresses and take a little care of the burn. 

The second- degree or Partial-thickness burn

This takes a little serious turn as it affects the top two layers of your skin. It needs medical attention as the blisters form on your skin in order to protect the damaged skin. The blisters sometimes have a fluid in them and you may think of tearing it but don’t. Peeling the flakes or the blisters is a big no. You may even develop a scar for a lifetime. This kind of burn usually takes 10 to 20 days to heal.

The Third- degree burn or deep partial-thickness burn

It is more dangerous than the above two types. It is called deep partial-thickness burn as it could leave a scar for lifetime if not healed within a month. It will give you blisters that are very deep and severe. One needs to take extra care of this type.

The fourth-degree burn or the full-thickness burn

It is the most serious burn and must be prevented. In this burn, you may even require surgery. It is caused when you are exposed to harmful rays for a very long time. All the layers of your skin are affected and it may even cause damage to your nerve endings. If you develop this burn you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible. This is also known as skin poisoning. 

The aforementioned degrees of sunburn is to explain to you the damage sun can cause to your skin and this could ruin your beachy vacations. But protecting your skin during vacation is better than having a scar for lifetime.

There are a few precautions that you can take to protect your skin from sunburns

Moisturize with SPF

Find yourself a moisturizer that contains SPF higher than 30. Never go for local brands or the cheap ones, your skin is the most sensitive organ and you need to pay a little extra care to it. Go for the reliable brands that will moisturize and protect your skin from the damage.

Wear glasses and protective layers

Whenever you are travelling ensure to wear your sunglasses and cover yourself unless you dip yourself in a protective layer of SPF. 


Keep yourself hydrated as this will always add a protective layer to your skin. Even if you get sunburns it is advised to drink extra water.

Keep medications

Keep over the counter medications and gels with you. A first aid kit will not occupy much space and can protect you when you feel the sunburn, it will help in avoiding the damage to reach a fourth degree.

The sun rays are so harmful and sometimes your precaution also doesn’t work out so it’s better to learn these remedies if you develop a sunburn.

Cool Water

 Jump! As soon as you develop a burn jump into the cool water, except pools. Pools contain chlorine which will worsen the condition. No! You are not allowed to apply ice too. It may seem like a reliving option but it can burn your skin more. Hence, take cool baths or showers. They will help in giving you a little comfort. 

Stay Indoors

You don’t know how bad sunburn is until and unless there are variations in temperature and the sun rays hurt you more. Hence, it's better to avoid going out especially from 10 am to 4 pm. We will obviously advise you to stay indoors during the day and make plans for the evening.

Aloe Vera

Why fear when aloe vera is here? We know it was a very lame line but still, Aloe vera is a solution to many of the issues. It has been the healer plant since sanctuaries. If you develop a sunburn you can apply the aloe vera gel on it and preferably the natural one and you can see your skin healing. It provides relief to you and simultaneously heals you. 

Indulge in a baking soda or oatmeal bath

Yes, they are used as scrubs but you don’t need to scrub. Just indulge in a cold bath and mix baking soda or oatmeal in it. Later, you can dry yourself by dabbing the towel and not rubbing as it will cause more damage.

Herbs and Oils

Nothing can beat the ancient healing items like herbs and oil. They are natural healers with no side effects. You can try using the following to heal your sunburn. 

  • Chamomile Tea: Take a tea bag and apply to the affected area. Chamomile tea will help in healing the burns. As an added advantage this tea tastes better.
  • Petroleum Jelly:  Our parents and grandparents apply petroleum jelly on the burn as it is a natural healer and will soothe the skin.
  • Sandalwood: It is the essential oil that soothes your burn as it contains antibacterial properties. Also, many ancient remedies for skin include it. It helps reduce the inflammation and redness of your skin.

There are many more remedies that can be used, however, it is advisable to consult doctors and seek medical attention as you never know how severe the burn is. 

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