Everything You Must Know About Periods

Those days can be a little uncomfortable and you might have to go through many changes in your body and your hormones. The periods are usually  2 to 7 days and in a few, they might even last for 10 days. There are many issues and myths that we already go through. We are here to be your guide for those difficult days. Firstly we want to clarify that this is not any disease and teasing girls during their periods can be very dangerous obviously because they bleed so much that it’s irritating to them and they won’t take any word from you. Periods are natural and an essential biological cycle for the girls. 

What is the menstruation and menstruation cycle?

Menstruation or periods as we commonly call it is the bleeding caused when the egg breaks in the ovary. The ovaries release eggs every month and if there is no sperm that could reach the egg, the egg after a certain period breaks and the blood comes out of your body. The cycle in which the process repeats itself is known as the menstruation cycle. 


Those are actually very difficult times. Some face severe pain and some mild to no pain. The most common signs are:

  • Tender breasts: Women usually experience swollen breasts as they become very tender and you might even experience some pain.
  • Pain in the lower body: The legs and the back hurt very bad, it feels as if it was some leg day in the gym.
  • Unbeatable hunger: Some girls feel hungry all the time. Yes, sometimes there is an increase in appetite and you can’t stop yourself from binge eating.
  • Pimples: Some may even develop pimples on their face and this usually occurs to every 1 in 10 girls.
  • Feeling lazy and irritated: You may have heard people saying are you PMSing whenever they argue with girls. It is scientifically proven that girls do get irritated even with the slightest breathing voice too.


There are many more symptoms that are quite similar to that of the pregnancy and you can sometimes get confused between the two and the best possible solution is to wait for the 10 days after you skip your periods for getting the accurate results. You may even need to consult a doctor because sometimes issues like Thyroid and diabetes could affect your cycle too. It’s always best to be double sure before getting to the conclusion. 

There are many myths that have been prevailing in our society regarding the periods and few of them are:

  1. One should not wash hair

It is advised to not wash your hair during those days as they believed it could affect your blood flow. But the truth is that in older times the hair length was very big and took lots of effort in drying them. Hence, it was advised to not wash hair so that they can rest and not catch a cold. 

  1. No working in Kitchen

In few countries, the girls are not allowed to work in the kitchen during those days as they are considered unhygienic during these days but the truth was that they were asked to rest as much as they can. 

  1. No new clothes

We agree with this but the reason is who likes to get their expensive or new dress stained? Also, in medieval times there were no tampons or cups or pads hence, the new clothes could get stained and it was advised to not wear new clothes. 


There are many more myths that have been prevailing in society but with the change in times they are changing too. You can hardly see someone believing in these things anymore. 


However, we would advise the following things you must take care of during those times:

  • Drink plenty of lukewarm water and keep yourself hydrated to maintain the blood flow in your body. 

  • Keep some chocolates handy, in fact, there are brands that make chocolates especially for your periods. It is a very common craving that everyone faces.

  • Keep painkillers handy so that you can get relief from the severe pain that might occur at some unusual times.

  • Always keep a sanitary pad with yourself, as you never know when they could come handy. 

  • Carry a pocket deo or perfume as we understand that the smell is not that strong but you should be extra cautious as the foul smell cannot be locked into the pads.


We also suggest taking as much rest as you can as we understand the fatigue that you face and the weakness in your body too. 

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