How To Take Care Of Your Vaginal Health

Vaginal health is the topic that most people refrain from discussing however it is one of the most important subjects that should be discussed and maintained. There are many people who consider it a taboo to discuss vaginal health. Almost two in 10 women die from vaginal infection. Health is not just about cleaning it but cleaning it in a proper way. The government around the world is trying to avoid a situation where the female population is dying due to less information about vaginal hygiene. The women are not getting aware and are now searching for this topic on Google every day. Google receives almost 200,000 queries per day regarding different vaginal issues. We are here to discuss steps that you should follow to have better vaginal hygiene. They are simple and easy, as you need to make only a few minor lifestyle changes. 

Many issues that women face due to lack of vaginal hygiene are white discharge, foul smell, yeast infection, and even STDs. These can be prevented by taking care of the intimate area with proper lifestyle changes so that you can keep it fresh and healthy. Below are the steps that you should take immediately to see the results yourself.

Proper washing

Instead of using soap or any other substance to clean your vagina you must wash it with lukewarm water the harmful chemicals in Centre so can hamper the pH balance of your intimate region and this, in turn, helps bacteria to grow there if You Don't clean it properly you male face irritation and foul smell which is obviously unlikely for anyone. 


There are many women who prefer douching for better cleanliness and believe that it is the best way to clean their vaginas. There are people who still don't know about this process. It is a device which is inserted in your kind vagina and it cleans is out all the secretions so that you can be prevented from sexually transmitted infections however there is no scientific proof that doing this process is beneficial but it is proven that it interferes with your pH balance and main cause disruption and irritation. Instead of using this method to cleanse your vagina for removing the unwanted smell you should see your gynecologist, they would suggest a better option and will detect the underlying cause of it. 

Changing undergarments regularly

There are people who don’t clean vagina after urinating and this causes your undergarments to be wet which is the root cause for bad odor, not just bad odor but the wet panties can lead you to many vaginal infections. You must pipe the area with a soft cloth or using any tissue so that your underwear is dry. It is very natural to have vaginal discharge and you should not get scared of it. Women in many societies use talcum powder to keep their vaginas dry and fresh. But, this causes more severe problems as overdrying the area makes it prone to many infections and bacterias. This also leads to a painful sexual experience. Hence, instead of wearing the same panties, again and again, you should change them at regular intervals. In fact, you should change it daily and wear a new one to avoid the risk of any infection.


We understand that wearing fancy, seductive panties is something every woman loves. But, the fabric plays a major role in your vaginal health too. Keep your sexy Lingerie for some special occasions and wear cotton fabric for your regular use. Cotton is a breathable fabric and will help you stay clean and dry for long hours. The cotton fabric prevents you from moist situations and absorbs the extra moisture. The yeast and bacterias don’t find enough warm conditions to penetrate. If you want you can choose cotton thongs too. The main intention is to let your private part be fresh and clean. 


You want to wipe your area but are you following the correct process? Most of the individuals, wipe it from back to front, i.e from the anus to the vagina. But, it is a wrong practice, it invites more bacteria when you move from the anus. This leads to a foul smell and lets the bacterias penetrate. You need to do the exact opposite of it for a healthy procedure of wiping. 

Change pads or tampons 

During periods you must change your pads or tampons regularly so that you can maintain the hygiene even in those days. Keeping the soaked pads or tampons for a long time can lead to urinary infections. You need to take care of your health in those times. There are women who experience white discharge and it is advisable to wear panty liners for the same. However, those need to be changed at regular intervals too. 

Unprotected sex

This is another root cause of vaginal infections. You must use the protection as you never know about the hygiene of your partner. This helps in avoiding STDs too. Also, avoid using petroleum jelly for lubrication. Your vagina secretion works as natural lubrication and adding more to it will disrupt the pH level. It becomes important to clean your intimate area afterward so that you can wash out the bacteria or any residue. 

Wear loose clothing

Wearing tight clothing for a longer duration will captivate the moisture and create enough humid conditions to let the bacterias penetrate. Hence, it is advisable to wear loose clothing to let air pass.


Merely washing your vagina is not important but eating healthy food and keeping a healthy lifestyle is important too. Avoid over the counter medicines without consulting your gynecologist as you can not be a better judge of the underlying cause. Also, get yourself checked for diabetes as the increasing levels of sugar in the pancreas affects your vaginal health. We understand that talking about intimate hygiene is a taboo but it is really important to take care of your wellness. Stay fresh and hygienic for good health. 

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