You Should Know Top Secrets of Aloe vera Gel

A few days back a friend of our’s broke out news to us that they have observed a dip in their blood sugar levels and we were quite taken aback as we were aware of the many beauty benefits of it but not these medicinal benefits. We dug deeper and realized that this is a medicinal plant that everyone must have in their homes. 

In ancient times, it was also known as the plant of immortality and Egyptians used to treat it as a very sacred plant. They offered it to the Pharaohs on their funerals and from the last 6000 years, it was looked upon as a medicinal plant that can heal almost everything. Its medicinal properties got renowned worldwide and the scientists started working on the possible benefits one can derive from this plant.

Almost every cosmetology product uses it as a key ingredient as it has some proven skin benefits. You can grow this plant easily in your homes and you don’t even need to take much care of it. The best thing about these plants is that they multiply themselves and you can even gift it to the dear ones. The plant is easy to maintain and you will never face scarcity of it for your multiple needs.


There are numerous reasons you can use it for, we have curated the few of them to give you a broader picture of it.

  1. Beauty 

  2. Skin problems

  3. Oral health

  4. Hair

  5. Sugar levels

  6. Gut health


Beauty and cosmetic products

Aloe has been an active ingredient in many beauty products and dermatologists have also recommended it for ages. It helps in maintaining the collagen level in the body which increases the skin elasticity and even keeps it wrinkle-free. The gel compound found in the aloe has many cosmetological effects that give a glow to your skin and even removes acne. If you take out the advertisements of much big makeup and skincare brands you will find them focusing on this key ingredient and this gives a very clear picture of the importance of this plant. A study has also shown that the Aloe vera plant has many anti-aging properties too.

One solution to all skin problems

Your every skin problem has one solution that is aloe vera plant. The natural gel of the aloe vera plant helps in providing relief to the burns and minor scars. It’s a plant and not a magic wand, it will take time to heal but it is the most natural and effective method of it. You can try scooping out the gel from the leaves and apply it on the affected area. Follow this for 15 days regularly day and night and you will feel the difference by yourself. You can apply it either on a sunburn or the blisters. It is also very effective in healing acne and its marks. The regular use of it can also help in discoloration. You can mix it with other beauty ingredients like coconut oil, lemon or honey and prepare ‘n’ number of masks for healthy skin from within. 

Aloe vera is a friend in disguise during winters and summers both. In summers you can mix it with lemon and honey and apply during the night for tan removal. Some even prefer using turmeric and the internet is flooded with various masks you can prepare with it. 

In winters apply it on your skin before leaving for work and after 5 mins rinse it with cold water. It not just acts as a moisturizer but also works as a primer.

Improves Your Oral Health

Aloe vera contains chlorhexidine that is found in most of the oral hygenic products. It not just clears the plaque but also keeps you away from the dental problems. You can prepare its juice by scooping out 2 spoons of it and then grind it. The juice can be used as a mouthwash. Aloe vera not just keeps your plaque away but also the mouth ulcers away. You can clear the dental problems with this miracle potion and see the results within a matter of 4 to 5 days and in case of ulcers, it provides instant relief as it has many antibiotic properties. 

Rapunzel hair with Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is proven to provide luxurious, long locks to you. It doesn’t just work wonders on your skin but also on your hair and scalp. There are many hair masks that you can prepare with the aloe vera. All your hair problems have one solution and that is the aloe juice and gel. You can prepare healthy masks to get rid of dandruff or the scalp bristling. Also, if you have recently colored your hair or used any heating appliances you can simply apply the gel all over your hair 30 minutes before the hair wash and with its regular usage, you can undo the damage caused to them. 

Maintain the sugar levels

Remember we told you that our friend maintained their sugar level with regular usage of the aloe vera. Yes! It is scientifically proven that aloe vera juice helps to increase the sugar sensitivity in your body which in return helps to stabilize the sugar levels.

A happy gut and a happy you

Aloe vera aids indigestion and this helps in maintaining the gut health of your body. We all know that an upset stomach can upset your entire day. Two teaspoons of aloe vera juice, when consumed with the hot water, can regulate your bowel movement and helps in keeping your gut healthy and happy. 


Aloe vera is a magical plant that you need to have in your life. You will get many market-based products that have some chemicals in them but the magical one is the natural aloe vera. You can either buy it from a nursery or can simply take a few leaves from someone else and plant it. This plant requires very little effort and can outgrow within a few weeks. Aloe vera is a one-stop solution for all your medicinal needs it can also act as a painkiller. 

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