How To Prepare Your Skin For The Wedding Day

If you are a summer bright you would be having many questions in your mind regarding the beauty regime you should follow to take care of your skin and prepare it for the day. You are the staff of your wedding and must have spent many months deciding your wedding date. The invitation list and the destination for the honeymoon too. Right from your clothing to your jewelleries everything is pre-planned and the makeup artist would also be the one that understands your skin and would obviously make you look the most beautiful bride till now. Every lady likes to compete with their friends and wants to see the glam life from everyone. We obviously want to look the best and have the best wedding photography however one thing that you forgot is that even if you layer your skin with lots of makeup and the inner skin is dull it would obviously get revealed once you take off your makeup. Hence to avoid this you must follow a few pre-wedding beauty tips so that you can look flawless even without makeup.

Cleansing toning and moisturizing

Make it a Thumb Rule to cleanse your skin, tone and moisturize it on a regular basis. It will not just help you to keep your skin glowing but will also keep it very young. A clean face which is dust-free and has open pores is always better than the dull face. With cleansing you can actually remove the dirt from your skin and toning helps in tightening the pores. Toning will also help in reducing the fine lines and the moisturizer obviously will help in locking the moisture into your pores. Following this process will keep your skin very soft and smooth also before moving out of your house you should apply a good amount of sunscreen to protect you from the harmful rays of sun and also from the sunburns and other issues.


It is good to exfoliate your skin once in a while so that you can remove the dead cells and blackheads from it. When you use a good scrubber once or thrice a week followed by a mild face wash it will keep your skin away from the rashes and irritations. We would suggest using a homemade scrub instead of using the over the counter or cosmetic ones. Whole wheat flour and Orange powder are a good homemade scrub. Scrubbing also helps in removing the dead layer of skin from your face. You can also go for a full-body Scrub instead of just face because it's your whole body that needs to look perfect.


It is very important to take monthly facial and hair spa along with your body. You should start using this procedure at least six months before the wedding to prepare you from head to toe. You must make your skin here looks so perfect that you don't need makeup. The Spa treatments open the body pores and moisturise it with the essential nourishment hence it becomes very important to take spa continuously before your wedding for a perfect skin and hair. It  makes a good base for your makeup and hair products to settle down. Even after the makeup is removed you can and will look flawless.

Manicure and pedicure

It is again a very important aspect to keep your hands and feet perfect for your wedding not just your wedding but also on your regular life. You should make a habit of keeping your hands and feet soft by providing them essential massaging and exfoliation. The dry skin on our hands and feet gives a very bad impact on personality. Also the dryness can turn into pain if not taken care of. Plus at your wedding, you need to flaunt your beautiful nail paint and those nice heels.


We are not saying that waxing is important because there are few people who prefer body hairs. However according to scientific reasons you should always keep yourself well-groomed. The hairs on your body absorbs the dirt and moisture on your skin and also protects you from sun damage. However they also can make you look a shade darker, hence it is preferable to go and  have a hair removal procedure before your wedding so that you look well-groomed and appealing.


Instead of going on a crash diet you must opt for a regular exercise regime. The excessive fat from your body needs to be shed with regular exercising and by eating right. There are many articles on the websites that would suggest you go on a crash diet and stop eating the extra junk and many of the important food and fruits that you should be eating. The best way to shed those extra calories is by maintaining your eating at regular intervals and by involving a body movement. We are not suggesting you go to the gym because that could be a boring, a real boring thing and we understand that. Instead of that you must go to your favorite hobby. There are people who love dancing, some love running so go for the sports or activity that you love. By following your hobby you ensure that your exercise regime doesn't become monotonous and you would even love shedding to the extra calories.

Stay hydrated

Make water your best friend and never forget to drink it before every meal. It should be the first thing that you have in the morning and the last before you sleep. Staying hydrated will help in flushing out the extra toxins from your body and will keep your skin glowing and healthy. It also is helpful in removing those extra calories from your body. Drinking water is beneficial even in healing many of the diseases and keeping your pimples at bay. Being a bride you should take care of your skin and health too. 

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