Why You Should Stop Smoking As Soon As Possible

In today's scenario where there is lots of stress. People tend to take Solace in smoking cigarettes. If you smoke then you are not the only one, about 75 to 80% of today's population is an ardent smoker. Well, most of you must not be knowing that smoking is the number one cause for death worldwide. People know about the side effects of it but don't do anything to stop it. If you think that you are smoking nicotine or tobacco then you might be wrong because there are 70 known cancer creating chemicals that you are smoking daily. If you don't know that smoking 15 cigarettes can cause a mutation in your body which in turn causes cancer. 

For smokers, it might be very little motivational information but today we are going to tell you facts which are going to turn your life upside down. Smoking has many effects other than leaving smell on your clothes or leaving stains on yours. In this article, we are going to tell you about different organs that get affected due to smoking and also show the reasons you could stop smoking right now.



When you smoke the tar present in the cigarette it enters your bloodstream and turns it into a poisonous blood. Tar makes your blood thicker and starts forming clots in it due to the clots formed there is an increase in your blood pressure and heart rate which eventually can give you a heart attack. Not just this but it also narrows your arteries and reduces the oxygen present in your organs. When all these things happen together in your blood circulation the chances of heart attack increases and this might be a very dangerous situation.


When you start smoking it affects your brain too. It is believed that people who don’t smoke are going to have lesser chances of heart stroke in comparison to the ones who do. Smoking can cause brain damage which may lead to your death. Hence, by smoking you are increasing your chances of dying from a stroke. Once you start smoking your blood vessels start getting weaker and this can cause clots even in your brain which could lead to brain hemorrhage. It is a type of stroke that can lead to immediate death or a complete brain damage. However, if you stop smoking you can increase your chances of increasing your lifespan within 2 to 5 years. People who smoke less are still at greater risk in comparison to the ones who have recently quit smoking.


In our aforementioned points we have clearly told you that smoking has an adverse effect on your blood circulation and the organ which is at higher risk is your heart. Smoking can damage your vascular and cerebrovascular vessels which can cause many heart diseases. Well if you know that while you smoke you inhale carbon monoxide will put a strain on your heart and the nicotine adds to it. Smoking also increases your blood clots which can damage the lining of your arteries and doubles your risk of a heart attack. If you stop smoking today then within a span of one year your heart will start working normally and the clothes will start getting fluid.

Fertility problem

In today's world, most people are suffering from infertility and are trying very hard to get a child. They try making different changes in their lifestyle but fail to have a healthy baby. Smoking also leads to male impotence because it damages the blood vessels which supply blood to your penis. Not just that but it can also lower your sperm count and within the age of 2013, you could become impotant, the lower level of sperm will cause difficulty in becoming a father. In women it can reduce fertility. According to the study, the women who don’t smoke are more likely to have a healthy baby and fertility level in comparison to the one who smokes. About 72% of the population who you are facing infertility smokes. Smoking also increases your chances of getting cervical cancer also it leads to HPV infection which later on develops into cancer. Well, it is advised that if you are pregnant you should stop smoking as it could lead to miscarriage or stillbirth and sometimes even premature birth. It also increases your chances of getting death while you are in labor.


All of us are very much concerned about our skin and want to have that glowing and flawless skin. However, when you start smoking your skin starts getting very less amount of oxygen which means it leads to premature aging and makes your skin look very dull and grey. It may also lead to generating toxins which are known as cellulite. Within a span of 10 to 20 years, your skin starts getting dull and you are more likely to have wrinkles and dark circles. With time you may start getting harmful effects on your skin and will start losing its glow. You might even get a shade darker and your cheeks will get hollow which may make you look more elder and mature. However, if you stop smoking within a few months you can start seeing the difference it benefits on your skin, for example, all the damage that has been done would start reversing and you may start getting very glowing and charming skin.


Well, we all know that the lungs are the most affected organ due to smoking. You may start experiencing cough, cold and Asthma when you are into smoking for a longer period of time. Smoking also causes lung cancer due to which 84% of people die every year. Smoking can also lead to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which is also known as c o p d. It is a very dangerous disease which is caused due to your excessive smoking. People who suffer from c o p d experiences difficulties in breathing and may also damage their lung tissues. It can also lead to a very lethargic life as you may start getting tired very early and we have an issue while you run or do any exercise. It causes many breathing problems and the continuous cough will lead to frequent chest issues. You may also experience smokers cough which is very regular coughing with phlegm.


This may come as a surprise to you but your smoking issue can cause your bones to get weak and brittle. If you are a woman you should stop smoking as soon as you read this article because your brittle bones can lead to many other diseases. It will become very difficult for you to hold the baby when you suffer from Osteoporosis.


These are very few organs that get affected while you smoke. However, it is advisable to quit smoking as soon as possible because you may end up damaging your entire body and organs. Smoking not just causes cancers but also has a very adverse effect on your skin, hair and day to day life and even on your social life. Smoking can give you a bad breath which may lead to shame while you communicate with others. Not just bad breath but smoking can also give you yellow teeth which are obviously not very appealing hence you should decide to give up this bad habit as soon as possible.

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