Know Why Quarantine Can Be A Great Stress-Buster For One

Amidst the chaos and people worrying about the lockdown and not being able to travel there are many things, one can do during this lockdown. People are panicking regarding the lockdown and thinking about how they are going to carry forward their mandatory activities. Before we continue to test how one can survive this lockdown we must inform one that it is nothing like one is thinking. No necessary services have been affected by that and one can still travel to buy the essential commodities. The world has largely been affected by the COVID - 19 and to make things worse there is no escape or vaccination made for this. Introverts Around The World are very happy with this lockdown and are very much comfortable in staying back at their homes however the extroverts are panicking with the social distancing and the self-quarantine period they are facing. All their travel plans have been canceled due to the ban on travel. There are many things that one can take up to keep their mind and body healthy amidst this chaos. 

Everyone keeps on cribbing about the lack of time and break that they get. There are many positive sides to this virus. one can easily take up recreational and spiritual activities to rejuvenate themselves. The lockdown is a great way to keep the stress at bay and detoxify the body.

Here are the things that one could do to reset their body and mind for the healthy days that will come once this virus has been treated. 

Plant their own garden

Plants have a very positive effect on mind and health and there are many medicinal plants that can be grown during these times. Not just planting them but one can take better care of them during this lockdown. Grow out the plants one feel will be beneficial for one and are easy to grow. one can grow aloe-vera or some indoor plants. Hunt for the plants that will keep the air around one healthy and clean. one can even grow the flowering plants that will be a treat to their eyes. Watering the plants daily will give one a relaxing feeling that can help one stay stress-free.

Read Books

Reading books will not just improve their vocabulary but cutting off their digital device can be really beneficial for one. their mind will be relaxed from the harmful effects that the electronic devices have on their brain and their eyes. one can select from a wide range of books to read and grasp some knowledge from it. It will help in increasing their intellectual level and will give one knowledge of different sorts of subjects if one thinks that reading books is boring then one must try on comic books or recreational books. There are many self-learning help books that will help in increasing their mind power and keep stress at Bay, well, if one still worries about how to select the best book then one can select the subject of their choice and search the internet for the best books available for one. Instead of going to electronic devices like Kindle or their iPad, one should try reading some hard copy. The ground subject is to keep one away from all those electronic radiations and give one some time to themselves at peace.

Colouring for doodling

If one believes that kids are away from anxiety then there is a report for one. According to some scientists, it has been proven that coloring for doodling geometric patterns could actually help one in reducing their anxiety levels. This is the only reason that gets so much away from stress and tension. If one is not able to find the adult coloring books then one can opt for some kid’s book and take a right to their childhood memories. It's always better to keep the child in one alive by doing some activities that will help one in remembering it.


Walking helps in keeping one happy and reduces their boredom by staying indoors for a longer period of time. It is counted as one of the physical activities and has many health benefits too. During this lockdown period, one is not supposed to go outside for a walk but one can obviously do some walking in their stairs or on their balcony and even on the terrace. It will not just help one in keeping the depression of staying indoors for a longer period of time but also will give one a fresh Breeze offer to keep their mind attentive. Even if one plan to go out in a nearby park one must wear their mask and keep a sanitizer with one so that one doesn’t come in contact with any particle of the virus. It is always better to maintain a certain distance while one is outside to avoid the harmful effects of Corona.

Take a power nap

What could be better than taking a power nap during this time? In our day to day life, we are not able to complete our 8 hours cycle of sleep which is a root cause of stress and depression nowadays full stop hence this is the best time to make most of their sleeping habits. If one is not planning to sleep for a longer period of time and just want to take a power nap for a few minutes then only stick to 10 to 20 minutes because more than that can mess up their sleeping cycle which in turn will be less beneficial for their health. The idea is to keep one relaxed and rejuvenated.

Family time

Nothing can beat the time one spends with their family. It is always a better idea to spend some time with their family instead of social media. Social media can put one on anxiety and will make one feel more depressed if one sees the influencers taking up activities outdoors. Social media can have a negative effect on their mind and their body. If one really wants to relax and connect with someone then it should be their family. Family time will help one in keeping closer with them and it will increase their bonds too.

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