Do you really think that your body is completely healthy and fit? There are many changes in your skin, hair or in the overall body that tissue to start working on your health as these are the signs that tell you you are not as healthy as you think full stop the symptoms can be of some serious disease or health problem. We always ignore these unhealthy symptoms which we should not probably ignore. Today we are going to talk about the warning signs that drop hence regarding your healthy changes. Most of these are the results of the unhealthy lifestyle that we probably live in. Also, the unhealthy food habits that we have been picking for many years give out many viruses and bacterias in a body that could be avoided if we exercise. But being a generation that doesn't like listening to someone else we tend to ignore it. Youth today doesn't consider anything unhealthy until and unless they develop a serious disease like cancer or a heart attack and sometimes maybe any other shock. Until and unless the doctor suggests you get bedridden we don’t consider our lifestyle and health. Many doctors prescribe eating Greens and using organic food over junk one along with regular exercise and a good 8 hours of sleep.

Our body's algorithm is quite unique and it gives out science in various ways that you need to start working on your health right now. In this article, we are going to talk about the different signs that our body gives us when it is undergoing some and healthy changes. If you are facing any of these and you need to wake up and start acting on it as soon as possible.

Bad skin days

If you are having bad skin days then there might be an issue and your body. When your skin starts degrading continuously then it is an alarming sign of overall health. There are many people who suffer from skin issues like acne, blemishes, darkening and many others. But your skin quality can tell you a lot about the bigger problems. If you have a very poor dietary lifestyle then it impacts your skin quality and if you started noticing some stretch marks or other blemishes then you should start working on your diet. If you are eating a lot of junk and you have an unhealthy gut then it shortly gets a notice on your skin in the form of pimples, acne and many other problems.

Your sleeping pattern

If you sleep a lot or even if you sleep less then there might be an issue in your health. The normal person sleeps 8 hours at night and has defined sleeping patterns. If you are not able to sleep at night then you might need some changes in your life. The sleeping problems my dear result of your unhealthy food habits, having lots of caffeine, or not being able to work your body properly in the morning. There are people who don't have any defined sleeping pattern and this causes further problems. Sleeping is something that your body constantly me because while you are asleep your body goes into a reboot mode. We need to let our bodies take the needed rest so that it can function properly for the day to day life functions. Sometimes not being able to sleep is also a sign of Insomnia or maybe depression.


Well, you don't need to be embarrassed by this important sign as your urine can tell a lot about your health. To notice the health issue you can consider looking at the color of your urine and even the times you are going for the urination. These factors are very important in looking at your overall health. Healthy urine is considered to be a pale yellow in color and odorless. Also if your bowel movement is very frequent then also you need to get yourself checked. If you have an urge for frequent urination then this might be a sign of diabetes and you need to get yourself that as soon as possible.

Chapped lips

If your lips feel dry every time or chapped then and it is also an indicator of the low level of vitamins in your body. It doesn’t tell exactly what kind of vitamin is lacking but it surely tells that you are dehydrated and have a nutrient deficiency diet. If you also are facing continuously chapped lips and can't live without lip balm then you might need to make some dietary changes so that you get the right vitamins and nutrients for healthy pink lips. People with black lips are also considered to be the smokers as the toxic substances present in the tobacco or cigarette converts your let's natural color to black.

Always Itchy

When your skin is a little harder and itchy continuously then it might be an allergic reaction or you might be developing some skin disorder. But if you are having excessive itching then it might also be a result of liver disease. Sometimes it is also a sign of dehydration in your body and you should start getting yourself enough water to not be suffering from this.


Many people will tell you that anxiety is all in your head but you should get over it. Anxiety is not just feeling in your mind but it also narrates the physiology of the body. Anxiety might be related to heart disease in many cases but sometimes it is also related to hormone imbalance or hyperthyroidism. If you are not sure about the reason for anxiety then you can simply get yourself tested instead of sitting and doing nothing about it.

Take away

Our body has different ways of telling us that something is wrong with it. All we need to do is bare little attention to ourselves instead of the outer world and everything will be solved. The biggest issue nowadays is the different kinds of tension that we take due to social pressure. All we need to do is take time for ourselves and pay a little care to our body and everything is sorted.


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