Want To Boost Immunity? Here Are The Foods You Must Eat

In today's scenario, it is very important to have rock-solid immunity, by this we mean that you should have a very strong immunity to combat any kind of flu or viruses. You also need to make a few of the Healthy lifestyle changes like you should get enough sleep to keep an active lifestyle, wash your hands properly. However, the best way to strengthen your immunity is by adopting healthy food habits. The foods or fruits that you must intake to boost your immunity are as follows:



1. Elderberry is a Shrub that is a medicinal plant and has been used for many centuries. Earlier it was used to make syrup and lozenges. But with the changing times, scientists have derived more of the benefits of it. This plant helps in reducing the swelling caused in your mucous membrane and has also shown the benefit of working against flu infections. According to some researchers, it is also good to have this if you want to prepare your immune system against the Coronavirus infection. There are many benefits of elderberry like lowering down your blood sugar levels and protecting you against the harmful effects of steroids, laxatives, etc and must not be taken along with any of these.


2. You must intake lots of Citrus Fruits and red bell peppers. As we all know Vitamin C helps in supporting your immune system as it is very much capable of preventing illness that might cause you respiratory infections. Not just that even if you have suboptimal blood levels you may see benefits by including this in your diet. If you consume Vitamin C in your daily diet it will help you in consuming the necessary requirement to Boost Your immunity. Even the red bell peppers have Vitamin C in them and help you in preventing any disease that might affect your immunity. It is best to include these citrus fruits along with some nuts so that you can have double benefits.


3. Having Mushrooms can also help in boosting your immunity. However, there are so many varieties of Mushrooms that you might get confused about what to eat. The button mushrooms are the best if you want to Boost Your immune system. The reason behind their immunity-boosting is the Selenium and Vitamin B along with riboflavin and niacin. Mushrooms include some sugar-like molecules which help in boosting your immunity functions. Not just helping and your health but they also are a very great add on to your dishes full stop it is a fungus which you can eat in many ways like drilling for sorting or simply tossing it into your favorite fruit salad or burgers extra you will surely love to eat it and what could be better than providing immunity and taste together. 


4. Doctors are always behind us to induce Vitamin E in our diet. The only reason behind it is that it helps in boosting your immunity. For that, you must include sunflower seeds and almonds in your diet as they are fat-soluble vitamins and will help in getting your immunity cells a little more active. Once your immunity cells are active you can easily combat the bacteria and viruses entering your body system. An ounce of sunflower seeds along with at least four to five elements are recommended as your daily diet. You can easily pair them with some fresh fruit or with other smoothies. Not just eating them bro you can also cook it along with your favorite dishes or try to add it into the regular milkshake and juices that you take.


5. Eating sweet potato and carrots are also a good source of Beta carotene which is related to the vitamin A family. They will provide you the nutrients which will help in reading your immunity system. Sweet potato and carrot help in reducing the white blood cells in your body which in return helps in fighting bacteria and viruses. They will also help in forming the mucous membrane which protects you from respiratory infections. Sweet potatoes and carrots, when taken together on a daily basis, would help in keeping out the germs of your body. Also, they taste very good with different kinds of dips and nuts. Many people love having sweet potato by roasting it and then sprinkling black salt and black pepper. You can also take both of them as juice or even in part of your daily salad.


6. Summers are here and what could be better than eating your favorite Watermelon. You might not be knowing but watermelons are a very good immunity booster fruit. If you induce it in your daily diet then you can even help in losing weight. They are low on Calories and this helps in making it a very great snack option. Watermelon helps in providing you Vitamin B6 along with glutathione.


7. Wheat germ is an edible substance that is found in the innermost part of the wheat kernel. Well if you start eating this nutrient-rich part of wheat then you get many benefits like vitamin B, zinc, vitamin E and many other benefits that help in boosting your immunity. You can have it in various ways either by inducing it in your daily yogurt or cereal. You can even add to the baked goods you have in your daily life. You can even induce it in your wheat flour so that you can take maximum benefit out of it.


8. Turmeric is a very good Spice that you must include in your day-to-day life. The curcumin present in it is not just responsible for its vibrant color but also has anti-inflammatory properties.


9. As a responsible citizen, it is very important to take care of your own health so that you don't pass on any virus to other people. It is high time to take care of your health as the world is approaching a Global Health emergency that might have really harmful effects on your body and that of your loved ones. We request each and everyone to take care of themselves so that they can help in building a healthy nation.

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