How Quitting Smoking Will Have Positive Effects

The smokers are tired of hearing the harmful effects of smoking have on them. However, nobody reacts to it or takes precautions regarding the same. With the lockdown of the nation, the supplies of cigarettes are getting harmed and there is a surge of the same. Due to the harmful effects of the coronavirus, most of the trades have been banned and people are in depletion of many commodities that they used to survive on.  Smoking is a habit that people developed in the ages and it becomes difficult for them to leave this habit all of a sudden. However, this lockdown has a positive effect on this life to all those stubborn smokers who were not willing to quit their habit and addiction are forced to live without it. One should not worry about the changes in their lifestyle because it is very beneficial to their body and health.

People believe that once their body has been harmed due to the harmful effects of smoking it cannot be reversed. However, it is completely false, according to a study the smoking might be having the harmful effects but it is always reversible.


There is a certain timeline that starts reverting in the body which has been damaged due to the nicotine and the other chemicals present in the cigarette. 

20 minutes

If the last cigarette was 20 minutes back then by now the blood pressure and the pulse rate will return back to normal. Not just your blood pressure and Pulse part the bronchial tubes which stop moving because of constant smoking starts getting in action again. It is very beneficial for your lungs because fibers present in it will start removing the bacteria out of the lungs that in turn start making it healthy. 

8 hours

If it has been 8 hours since the last cigarette then the carbon monoxide levels present inside one's body will start decreasing and get back to the normal levels. Carbon monoxide is a chemical that is present in the cigarette along with 4000 other harmful chemicals. It is a poisonous gas that can kill and it is the sole reason why it is believed that smoking cigarettes can kill. But the good news is, after 8 hours your body will start increasing oxygen which in turn will help in nourishing the tissues and blood vessels so that the oxygen level present in the body can turn beneficial.

One day 

If it has been 24hrs then the organs will be obliged as the smoking cycle gets broken and the body starts healing itself. Tobacco present in the smoke has a very harmful effect on your blood vessels, and once you stop smoking for at least 24 hours your body starts fighting against the harmful bacterias and your blood pressure pulse rate the blood vessels start turning back to the normal temperature. Not just this but the oxygen levels in the body also get normalized and the level of carbon mono monoxide drops significantly. The lungs start self-cleansing themselves by removing the mucus and the debris which gets locked in your lungs due to smoking. The veins and arteries receive an increased level of oxygen because the constriction which was caused to them due to smoking is now being reversed. The nicotine levels also start dropping significantly in your bloodstream.

48 hours 

After the 48 hours, the nerve endings start to regrow themselves. If due to smoking the ability to smell and taste were getting dull then it will start recovering. One can easily observe these changes within the 48 hours of the last cigarette they smoked. The nicotine present in the smoke is very toxic and can impact your senses for nerve endings. But after the 48 hours, this is a significant change in your sense of tasting and smelling. Hence it could be said that the nerve endings start to regrow for a better reason.

72 hours

One can start experiencing nicotine withdrawal symptoms after72 hours of quitting cigarettes. It is quite a hard phase for the chain smokers because nicotine had taken place in the body and damaged many Nerve cells. When the Nerve cells start repairing themselves and rebuilding the nerve endings the body starts showing different withdrawal symptoms. You may even feel frustrated and would like to run back to the smoking habits, but the changes in your body are for your own good. It is believed that after one day of quitting cigarettes the risk of a heart attack in your body lowers down to a great level.

A week 

If one is able to live a week without smoking then they should pad their shoulders as it is the great milestone that they have a cheat. If one is not able to see the changes in their body within a week then they should wait for another week or a few days more. There are much higher chances that chain-smoking could have caused greater damage in your body then you can imagine. The blood circulation starts improving and the physical exercises become much easier. It also means that the little lethargic lifestyle that you had could be turned into an active lifestyle in a much easier way just by quitting smoking.

3 months

If one has successfully survived without cigarettes for 3 months then there withdrawal symptoms which include anger, anxiety, depression, Insomnia, and many other starts appearing. This means that you are now more likely to survive without smoking then area. This means that the heart risk and other harmful effects it caused on your body would have triggered back. Also, the breathing problems that you had due to smoking will now be reduced. Your lungs will be toxin-free.

Everyone should take this lockdown seriously and start focusing on their health. It is a great time when one can exercise, yoga, meditate to keep themselves fit and healthy. Also, this lockdown face is very important for people who have smoking issues. One can easily conquer their addiction by staying home and eating good food.

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