Why You Should Have Indoor Plants In Your Home

We all are well aware of the positive impact plants have on our environment. Plants bring in the much needed positive energy. It has been proven by NASA itself that indoor plants can help in improving your indoor air quality and absorb the harmful chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde from the surroundings. There are many e house plants that act as natural air purifiers. It has also been proven that plants help in reducing your stress and can help you in relaxing. There are many health benefits of indoor plants.

Acts as healer

They act as a natural bacteria killer. The plant of immortality also commonly known as aloe vera is one of the indoor plants that can help in healing many of the problems. There are many beauty products that use the gel inside the aloe vera plant which helps in healing cough and for many beauty regimes. It is believed that ancient Egyptians used aloe vera in almost every of their therapy. Not just the gel inside the leaves but also the outer portion can be boiled in water and be used as a natural breathing vapor which helps in eliminating asthma.

Eliminates airborne disease

The indoor plants that we grow help in eliminating the harmful substances from the air that we breathe and hence cleanses the indoor environment. There are many indoor plants that are easy to grow and also beautify the environment of our home. Hence, having indoor plants at home can help in cleansing the aura of home and also provides a breath of fresh air. The furniture in the house or the substances that are used to ornament the living room are a greater contributor to the toxic compounds in the air and the indoor plants help in cleansing it.

Clean and purify 

The indoor plants help in cleansing and purifying your surroundings which makes it easy to breathe. The elderly face issues in breathing and are susceptible to asthma and the indoor plants help in eliminating the same.


The indoor plants act as natural humidifiers. It is believed that the indoor plants contribute 10% to the monster in the year of our home. There are many indoor plants that release moisture in rooms and make a great friend for the dry winter months. There are few plants which release a little water too.

Natural fragrance

They also act as Natural fragrance plants and freshen up your home care instantly. Indoor plants act as a natural freshener to your home and absorb the foul smell and the cooking smell too.

Bursts stress

They even act as a stress buster. The indoor plant gives a positive effect on the environment and even helps in reducing fatigue which improves productivity. You can play some house plants near your desk or in the corners of your home where you study or do reading activities. They will help in regulating the humidity and will also reduce the carbon dioxide near you. Eventually helps in giving you less stress and more of the success.

Peaceful sleep

Indoor plants like lavender and Jasmine are recommended if one wants to have a peaceful sleep. It is always recommended to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night and there are people who find it difficult. This condition happens because we are tensed and stressed due to our day to day activities. Having these plants at your bedside will give a soothing smell as well as reduce the harmful emissions near you. They release tranquility in the air which helps in giving you a restful and peaceful sleep.

Improves mental health

The indoor plants also help in improving mental health. Whenever one doesn't feel going out or has some harmful symptoms of depression it is always advisable to plant some trees or plants. The colorful plants can help in releasing happy hormones that can recover people faster than any other medicine. Indoor plants increase the level of positivity in people and make them feel more relaxed. With indoor plants, one can battle the symptoms of depression and sadness. If someone is not a plant person they can try choosing easy to care plants so that they can Bloom all year and no Harsh efforts are taken.

Relieves allergies

Indoor plants are proven to be allergy relief. Researchers have proven that indoor plants have less dust and absorb the harmful toxins from the environment which reduces the chances of catching allergy and airborne disease. The common low light plants are very good if you want to get relief from your allergy. However one should avoid buying the plants that have pollen in them.

Mood lifters

Not just brightening up the surroundings but they can also help in uplifting someone's mood. It is believed that people who have indoor plants while they work are someone who worries less about their jobs and are very much productive. One can opt for a lipstick plant to improve their mood.

Medicinal properties

You can even plant a few of The Herbs so that they can aid basic gut issues. There are many plants like peppermint and spearmint which can be grown indoors and can be used for cooking. These plants not just help in purifying the air around you but also aids the digestion issues. All you need to do is take a few of the leaves and boil in some water, you can drink that water for better digestion.

Take away

Plants are the best healer and having them in your home is a great deal. Instead of going out and planting the trees that is quite a tough task because not everyone is free to give so much pampering to the bushes and shrubs. If one wants to plant indoor plants for better and faster healing than they can even opt for orchids. Gifting orchids or a Peace Lily is considered to be the best healer. It is believed that the patients who had a Lili or an orchid around them heal much faster than the ones who didn't hurt them. Indoor plants don’t require much air and sunlight but have a load full of the effect they can actually help in maintaining the mental and emotional health of the person. Even the therapist suggests that having plants around you can help you in recovering from many traumas.

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