Take Care Of Female Hygiene With These Tips And Tricks

Our body observes many changes from adolescence to adulthood. Women all over the world experience a great transformation and it is very important for them to maintain female hygiene as they grow up. Even if you are comfortable with your body every time you get a foul smell from down there you feel uncomfortable. Also, many women don't even know how their vagina should smell and its healthy pH balance that should be maintained. Also, it becomes taboo to talk about them. Leading gynecologists have informed in their features that many people believe the vagina is the dirtiest place on this earth, but the bacterias in our mouth are more in comparison to that of our vaginas. 

Every vagina has a particular smell and it may not be the same for every girl. The way your vagina smells largely depends on the kind of diet and food habits you have. Your lifestyle has a great impact on your vagina and hence you should focus more on your personal hygiene. People believe that personal hygiene only means taking care of your outer body and making it smell good but for females, it means keeping their vagina clean and dry. No one wants to smell or experience itchiness down there. 

There are a few tips and tricks that you can follow to maintain your personal hygiene.

Wash it every day

Just like any other part of your body, your vagina should be washed every day. It is very important to clean yourself somewhere as there are certain changes that your body undergoes when you move toward puberty. And keeping it clean is very important also during your periods the daily vaginal discharge increases and it can catch many bacterias if not kept clean. Also, the sweat down there makes it more important to keep it clean and dry. Hence the most important part is to keep yourself clean down there.

Clean with a special wash

The intimate wash you choose for cleansing down there must be of a pH level the same to your skin. The regular charges are not designed for your vagina hence you should use the special internet watches made for it. Our skin pH level is 5.5 and in contrast to this, our vaginal pH balance is 3.8 to 4.5. Hence tempering the pH balance of your vagina can create many infections. Hence to keep yourself healthy and disease free you should use the soaps for watches made just for your intimate parts. You can buy these from any drug store and always go for the herbals as the chemical ones can also temper with your pH balance. 

Only clean from outside

An important factor that one must keep in mind is that our vaginas have their own self-cleaning mechanism which is inside it. Hence the only area you must watch is the outer skin. You should just wash the outside area of your vagina which is also known as the vulva. The outer area includes your inner and Outer lips along with the clitoris.

Don’t use any sponge or douches

There are people who please time using sponges or gloves. However one should not use this kind of special equipment to clean your girl area. Your skin is very sensitive in the intimate areas and using such scrubby substances can cause rashes and even let bacteria to feet there. Hence never allow any outer or alien object to reach your goal area. If you want to properly clean it you can use the intimate wash and apply it with the usage of your hands.

Wear only cotton

We all love sexy and cute lingerie like a Silk thong or Satin but these are not at all skin-friendly. You should always choose fabrics like cotton that are vaginal friendly. Even if you have noticed most of the undergarments that you use have a cotton strip in their crotch area. The reason behind it is that cotton helps in ease of breath down there. It is very important to let your vagina breathe so that you don't carry any germs or bacteria down there. Also, there are women who feel like ditching underwear at the gym and under many items of clothing but this should not be the case because by doing so you make your vagina more susceptible to the bacterias and moisture.

No perfumes

Ladies, we know you want it to smell good but this should not mean that you start using Perfume objects. Our vagina already has a natural fragrance that could be maintained by cleaning it right and eating right. Using perfumes down there can hamper your pH balance which can cause irritation and further make it more prone to the bacteria. The advertisers try selling their products by spreading false information regarding the benefits of using scented products down there.

Use separate and clean towels

Whenever you want to try to wipe your private part you should use only the fresh towels because these wet towels help in spreading the bacteria down there and help it to sustain for a longer period of time. The only thing that should touch your private parts is a clean and hygienic towel. Also, a towel that is softer and dry must be kept separately for cleaning the area down there. Just like you wash your undergarments you should start washing the towel that you use on your private parts.

Wipe the correct way

We all have been wiping our down area back to front since childhood. It has been taught to us that this is the correct way to wipe it. Even our grandparents and elders practice this procedure. However one should always use the reverse method that is from front to back. The reason behind this procedure is that while wiping back to front you bring the germs from your anus to your vagina.


It is very important to take care of private hygiene as a little discomfort down there can cause your whole mood worse.

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