Myths That You Should Not Believe About The Breast Cancer

In October, people are very much concerned about Breast cancer and this runs the entire month. But what after that? There are many famous celebrities that have been suffering from Breast cancer. Wanda Sykes, the stand-up comedian is one such star and is an inspiration for many. You can never get over the fact that we have very little knowledge about the same and have been believing the facts and myths that have been surfacing in society for. many years. Well! There are many facets that are just faux and have nothing to do with breast cancer. First of all, you can cure it and there have been many survivors of Breast Cancer. 

The first step is to get a regular health check-up not just when you have symptoms of Breast cancer but on a daily basis just to ensure that you don’t face any other disease. Regular health checkups can help you stay ahead of any disease or syndrome. It is very important to detect Breast cancer in the first stage itself to cure it as soon as possible and to help prevent it from spreading further.


So we are here bursting these facts so that you can have a clear knowledge of what to believe and what not to.

Wearing a deodorant causes breast cancer

Well, few people believe that wearing deodorant can cause cancer. We would like to inform you that using Deodorantor anti precedent will never cause breast cancer. However, it is believed that if you do them continuously then your risk of getting breast cancer increases as they contain aluminum in them. However, these scientists have never been able to prove that there is a link between breast cancer and the deodorants you use. Yes, they might have chemicals that may be harmful to your sensitive skin but these will never cause breast cancer.

The type of bra you choose can also result in breast cancer

The type of bra one wears has no link to the cancer-causing cells. People advised going for a cotton bra or a bra that has no underwire. The Internet is flooded with myth-like wearing an underwire bra that can increase your chances of getting breast cancer. However, the theory behind this is that underwire style would restrict your flow of lymph fluid of the breast and this might cause the toxic chemicals to build up in the form of tissues. Hence a study was carried out in which around 1500 women who were suffering from breast cancer but studied and the conclusion that was derived from it showed no link between the bra and the breast cancer. Hence, ladies, you can flaunt your favorite lingerie without worrying about breast cancer.

Carrying a cell phone in your bra might cause breast cancer

It might sound funny but people believe that if you carry a cell phone in your breast then you might face the consequences of breast cancer.

Many studies have been carried out and the only conclusion derived was that your cell phones are unsafe there but not your breasts. Many media reports raise concerns that the rays coming out from the cell phones can increase your risk of tumors but there has been no proof of a link between cancer and your mobile phones.

People believe that having a family history of breast cancer could give them breast cancer too.

There are many people who believe that having a family history of breast cancer increases your chances of having the same. However, it is not a disease that can be inherited. Only five to ten percent cases of breast cancer have been observed in which people face the hereditary issue but most of the cases are not the same. There are people who don't have a family history who also suffer from breast cancer and the factors that lead to the same might be some work stress or their environmental and Lifestyle changes. However, if you have a strong family history of breast cancer then you must get yourself checked on a regular basis so that you don't have even the slightest of the chances of inheriting the same. This fact is a very debatable fact because there are few facts that prove of inheriting this disease and there are many who prove that it is not inherited.

A healthy lifestyle means no risk of cancer

Agree to it but it is not a hundred percent true. Even if you maintain a healthy weight and have an active Lifestyle along with no alcohol or a limited amount of alcohol you still have the chance of getting breast cancer. Most of the patients have a question in the mind that even after maintaining a healthy weight and an active Lifestyle they still end up suffering from breast cancer. We would like to inform you that it lowers your risk of this disease but it doesn't guarantee you that you will never suffer from it. We would like to inform everyone that they should get themselves diagnosed with regular health checkups so that they don't end up facing this disease. Because an active lifestyle doesn't guarantee you that you won't suffer from this.

Breast cancer forms a lump.

Most people believe that the best possible way to detect breast cancer is having a lump in your breast. It might be a sign of it but there are many other warning signs that you must be knowing about it. There are many visual changes that happen in your body that you might not be able to detect by feeling it. It happens in the very latest age that your breast might form a lymph node. People also believe that if your lamp is the heart not movable or not smooth then only you need to worry about breast cancer. But the doctors suggest that lumps are something that you should be aware of and they might be suspicious to hence whenever you see a new lump on any side of your breast then you should go to your gynecologist and get it checked.


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