Period Hacks To Save You From an Embarrassing Situation

Periods are a very tough time for women as they have to go through severe pain and even have to maintain hygiene more strictly. Not just that, they even have to face many skin issues during these days. No matter how many years you have been bleeding but each period seems to be a difficult time. During periods you can't wear your favorite white dresses. Also, the cramps that continue all day long makes the situation worse. Then there are few myths related to it that are still followed and doing some of your favorite activities would be looked upon as a taboo. However, we are here to give you some period hacks so that you can have an easy mensuration this time.

Hot water bottle

Hot water bottles or hot socks that you can make yourself by filling them with rice and microwaving it for a few minutes are some of the best things that you can use during your periods. It is a very comforting thing. Applying heat on your abdomen area will help in blood flowing which reduces the cramps. Using a hot water bottle for hot socks on your abdomen has the same effects as a painkiller. It even blocks the nerves which are sending pain signals to your brain. Hence it would be better if you keep a hot water bottle with you whenever you could.

Always keep spare panties

It is a very common issue that every girl faces. Leakage during the period is a very common issue and spoiling your undies is a common thing too. If you are using tampons or menstruation cups then it might be easier for you to not spoil your clothes. Leakage issues are a bigger problem when you use pads. Hence to avoid any embarrassing situation you should sleep in AC repair of underwear with you either in your backpack or you can keep it in your drawer.  

Drink less coffee

During periods we all crave for something chocolaty or hot chocolate and coffee is just a perfect alternative for it. However, it is advised not to have more than one cup of coffee daily as the caffeine will because our body absorbs more water which would eventually make you feel bloated and it would add to the pain of your cramps. Hence it would be better if you avoid coffee or anything that contains caffeine. Drink as much hot water as you can so that there is no plotting or no lumps are formed.

Drink tea

Drinking tea is a very helpful way if you want to avoid cramps, headaches, bloating and even gas. Hot ginger tea works like magic when you are during the menstruation face. It is an old traditional cure for these issues which originated in Jamaica and South East Asia. It is a Grandmaster recipe for curing most of your periods’ issues. It is believed that nothing can match the nice one cup of ginger tea as a cure to your stomach aches, headaches and even journal mood swings that you have.

Avoid cold food

When you are in periods you might Crave for ice cream or cold things. But it is a way which adds to your period cramps and can make them worse. In countries like India and China along with Pakistan, it is a tradition that one should avoid having cold food during the periods. It is believed that the cold food makes your muscles near your ovaries and uterus tenses up and enhances your period pains. Hence it is beneficial to have only hot food so that your muscles can relax and keep you warm and fuzzy during the periods. 

Turmeric milk

Essay told you to avoid caffeine and copy you can always go for the golden milk. Turmeric milk is a Spice which should be taken for health benefits. It is a little yellowish in color and can be found in the Caribbean and Asian dishes. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties which are the best way to get rid of the period cramps. If one wants to get relief from the cramps and body pain then they must take up a mix of turmeric and honey in milk ok and drink it warm. It is very important to go organic and have age-old techniques to heal your pain.


If you are in periods you can swear by Ginger. Instead of mixing ginger in hot water or with milk you can do it directly. Take a small piece of ginger and remove the outer skin and just pop the peace in your mouth. It is the best remedy for your periods. It can help in maintaining your regular flow and is considered to be one of the best period remedies. It has been followed by women around the world for many years and has been the favorite of many.

Mild exercise

It is very important to keep your body running. We know that during the menstruation everybody wants to lay down and relax. But if you want to keep your uterus healthy then you must go for a light joke or even try a good walk. While we exercise our body releases endorphins which is a hormone that makes you feel good. The endorphin fights with your cramps and makes it a bit easier for you to bear them. You can even go for a light running so that you don't have to take a painkiller. If you have severe pain then you can try taking a light pain killer half an hour before you exercise.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains magnesium and they can help you relieve the pain too. It feels good to have chocolate during periods and what’s better if they can help in cramps too. 

Avoid tight clothes

One should avoid wearing tight clothes as they could be a torture to your body. During periods your tummy already blocks up and wearing some uncomfortable tight clothing will only add up to the pain of it. If you want to stay comfortable and cool during the period then you should go for some flowy dress for the big size dresses you have. You can even wear sweatpants instead of tight jeans to keep yourself casual and comfortable. If you could stay away from them during this time then it will be the best decision.

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